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question about endurance

May 1st, 2006, 09:01 AM
recently my husband purchased a bike and he has been taking the dog for runs. he takes a water bottle for the dog and goes in the evening. the thing is he comes home in about 5 mins saying that he doesnt want to take her any longer cuz her tongue is hanging out and he doesnt want to hurt her. now i walk the dog twice a day for an hour each time and then she gets about an hour workout ball chasing in the yard. she is a year and a half old and she is a elkhound/ chow mix. i have seen her run for two days out at camp and not sleep ( too many things to and i have seen her exhausted after playing with her buddies....she lays down and relaxes for about 5 mins and then is on the warpath again. so needless to say we are having a disagreement on how long a dog can go without hurting herself. i say she would let him know when she has had enough....... anybody have any input to help us out???

May 1st, 2006, 09:11 AM
Each dog has different endurance, id say alot depends on body condition and age, my dog during summer nites accompanies me on bike rides to town ( 15 minutes one way) at the beginning of the year, such as right now, I take it slow for her and dont go the whole way. When she gets tired she lets me know. Id say just pay close attention to the dogs body language and watch the speed of the run.
We do in a rural area so the dogs get lots of excercise. During the winter fall and spring we fire up the quad and run them in the fields. Needless to say my dogs are high energy, Border Collie ( never seems to show hes tired) and a Rottie Boxer mix ( she will let me know that shes not having it anymore)
Honestly i have no idea what the energy level of an Elkhound/chow mix would be like.
My opinion, if the dog is enjoying itself keep it up, just keep a close eye out for exhaustion and always keep water ( as you do)
Hope this helped in anyway!

May 1st, 2006, 09:45 AM
she weighs 47 pounds and the vet says she is in excellent condition from all the excersice she gets. she is a little ball of muscle lol. i watch her body language when i take her out but he says just because her tongue is hanging out that means she is exhausted

May 1st, 2006, 09:58 AM
Shes beautiful!!!!

I see dogs that have their tounges out and panting that are ready to GO!! Its hard to say when they are "exhausted" The best suggestion I can make is to stop frequently along the ride and let her catch her breath and have a drink, just go slow to start. It really depends on the dog, there is no clear cut endurance timing. Just pay close attention to her body language and breathing.

My Meiko, wont stop!! no matter how exhausted he is. I just pay close attention to his expressions, breathing and eyes. ( His eyes really tell me that hes tired) I have to make him stop, he wouldnt other wise.

Here is a pic of him when i make him stop, let him lay down a while, drink a bit and then walk it off. ( make sure to warm up your dog, imagine you were just to run with out stretching ;) )

May 1st, 2006, 09:59 AM
Just because a dog pants does not mean they have exhausted themselves. But your dog, having thick fur, probably gets overheated/tired sooner.

I don't like to jog or bike with my dog, unless he's off-leash so he can let me know when he's had enough AND can go on side trails (sniffing)... Most dogs find it boring and pointless to jog alongside us - they LOVE to sniff and need that stimulation.

I don't doubt that your dog is in excellent condition and I'm sure she could go longer but it really depends on the dog - it could be that she's bored or if she's running on concrete, it could be hard on her paws and joints. Running beside a bike is a lot of work and its not normally how a dog would exercise...over long distances they would take on a fast-paced trot (not a run) but even that would be mixed up with some sniffing/elimination breaks.

Playing at the dog park or retrieving are completely different types of exercise than constantly running beside a bike. They are fun and stimulating and dogs usually take breaks in between!

I think almost any fit dog could keep pace with a bike - providing that there are frequent breaks and opportunities to sniff (its just not something I like to do!)

May 1st, 2006, 10:39 AM
i should have stated that he actually doesnt pedal the bike unless she wants to run he just pushes it with his feet ( think he got the bike for himself and less work to walk the dog LOL ) he makes she she stays on the grass and he takes her to a field that has bike paths , im the one who has trained her and spends most time with her so he really is unfamiliar with how she acts althought she just loves him dearly because he lets her break the rules when she is out with him. i always say daddy likes to spoil his furbaby