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Upset stomach

April 30th, 2006, 09:38 PM
This morning my pointer Julia didn't want to eat. I usually divide her food into two meals but she just turned her head away when I offered it to her. She is on anti-inflammatory meds for her arthritis which must be taken on a full stomach so I didn't give it to her. When we went for our walk, she had diarrhea so I knew that she was not feeling well (although she was very excited about her walk!)In the afternoon she seemed to be feeling better so I cooked her up some rice & fed it to her with a small amount of kibble. Every so often she gets this way. Some mornings I can hear her stomach gurgling & i know she is not feeling well. She had a recent check-up & the vet said she was in very good health for a senior large breed dog. I can't help but worry though. Any suggestions on feeding a dog with a sensitive stomach. She is currently eating Wellness Senior dry mixed with canned but I did not give her any wet food today.