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Hi Guys I'm new here.

April 29th, 2006, 06:49 AM
Hi Guys I'm new here.
I have a German Shepherd and a standard wirehaired Dachshund (who didn't grow his wires).
We call him a "smire", a smooth wire, and he's got a pretty "wild boar" colour.
This dog is the love of my life, and is on my mind first thing when I wake up (yes with his little warm body pressed against mine, under those covers), and the last , before I go to sleep.
I can not put into words, the joy, he has given me!
Four years old now, He is with me, where ever I go. Wether it's to Europe, to town, or outdoor expeditons.
He's ball crazy, loves to hunt, and most of all, he loves his family unconditionally.
My shepherd is "all that", and probably the best dog, I have ever had... but this little Wiener dog, is my child.
Glad to have found more Dachsie fanatics.