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peeing in dog's bed

December 26th, 2003, 04:22 PM
Our 6-year old black lab mix has begun urinating in her bed when it is cold outside. This is only a problem during the winter as she goes outside willingly during the spring/summer/fall months. She apparently doesn't like the cold and either doesn't fully empty her bladder when she is outside, or deliberately waits until she returns inside to urinate. She pees in her bed, and then will still sleep on it, and occasionally she pees right beside the door. This weekend she waited until I left the room, then peed beside the door. She was neutered as a pup, and the vet said no bladder infection. This is the second winter we have had this problem with her. She's the only dog, we also have a cat and 2 children. I give her a treat when she goes outside and when she returns to try to make it a positive thing. Any suggestions?

Lucky Rescue
December 26th, 2003, 04:29 PM
Are you sending her outside, or TAKING her? I suggest you take her out, with a toy or ball and keep her out long enough so that she empties her bladder. Praise her greatly when she does go.
Make trips outside fun and rewarding for her.

Often dogs who are sent out merely sit by the door waiting to get back in.

If this doesn't help, she may have "spay incontinence" and may not be conciously peeing or may not be able to help it. You might want to have her checked at the vet.

December 26th, 2003, 07:22 PM
I agree with LR

maybe it would also help if you got your dog a sweater and some boots! :)