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April 28th, 2006, 03:46 PM
I am sure you have all heard of Craigslist, a place where people can go to look for furniture, jobs etc. They have a section for Pets there and I always go take a look to see what people are talking about. Mainly it is people trying to sell puppies or kittens or aquariums, sometimes people post because they are looking for these things. What really bothers me about the list is the amount of people who go on there to give away pets because they are no longer convenient. The amount of people who are moving overseas or have newfound allergies or are moving into a building that doesn't allow pets is astonishing. These people have animals ranging in age from young to old and they put in things like 'i must approve of the new owner' or 'i love my girl/boy and i want to find someone who will love them too'. Come on people, are you for real? What makes you believe that you can go out and get a pet and then give it away once the pet becomes inconvenient? It makes me really sad to see people doing this. Especially with older pets who are 12 or 13 or even older. These pets have given people joy over the years and they are willing to toss them aside for no good reason. Perhaps I am over-reacting, but to me, my kitty is like a child to me. He fills my days with laughter and joy and I could NEVER imagine giving him away. There are ways to get around allergies and moves abroad if you are only persistant and willing. I wonder if these people who do this would be so quick to give up a child? (And yes, I have heard that a pet is not a child, but an animal, but these animals are also a part of your family and I feel they are entitled to the same treatment as other members of your family.)

The thing about Craigslist is that if someone posts something like this, then it gets removed. There is one on there now that hits the nail on the head called 'I cleaned up your mess'. Presumably the people who are offended by these postings are the ones who ask to have it removed. If you are offended by this type of post, then you are probably the same kind of person who would get rid of an inconvenient pet.