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April 28th, 2006, 01:12 PM
Thank you all who have replied to my thread and left encouraging words of support, you can never have enough...

The most recent diagnosis is Peritonitis which is an inflammation (irritation) of the peritoneum, the membrane that lines the wall of the abdomen and covers the abdominal organs.

Yes he has been on IV fluids consecitively now for 48hrs and adminstered previous but not consecutive as well. My vet IS calling for a specialists advice, i believe from Guelph, a 'intern' i believe is what he called the service.

As per X-ray Questions, his L6 and L7 spinal discs have a problem, i dont remember exactly but want to say some sort of deterioration or inflammation one of the two, they said his back pain would most likely be a symptom of the extreme abdominal pain that is happening, hence the not wanting to lay down or travel much AT ALL...(UNHEARD OF FOR HIM)

This morning (fri) my vet said he wuz still on IV fluids but was vomiting a lot. I dont believe he has been feed since yesterday morning (thurs) and later they attempted but he didnt keep it down....

If anyone can tell me of other ways i could recognize my vet clinic and its staff, other than the formal letter, pictures, and just thanks that most people give. I'm not a promotion person i truly believe that these people have gone out of there way(s) on sooo many occasions for us, and not just in this time of crisis. Just one ex. is last night Alyssia (the female vet at Windrush) was looking after Porkchop and she went out of her way to bring him to the emerg. vet in Brantford as it is usually the clients responsibility, but she knows we live 45kms away in hamilton....and when we last spoke with her it was 10pm and i believe she was supposed to be off at 6pm....just one example of many....that i would like to share and have them recognized for...

Any information on how to do this would be greatly apreciated...also i know they dont like this but for anyone that would like to know anything else or give me information they can cbaker0003 at the most popular online web that s always 'HOT'...:) thanks

Also can anyone refer me to specific places i can call or research on things thats going on with my lil guy ?



April 28th, 2006, 04:12 PM
Chad,I know nothing about Porkchops condition,but I know one Beagle on my street 11 yrs old,who has had just about everything wrong with him,including cancer and is still going strong,a true miracle-dog and I am hoping Porkchop is made of the same stuff.
He certainly has no shortage of love and care and I keep my:fingerscr he will be ok.:love: