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Whats your designer name?

April 27th, 2006, 09:47 PM
The Schnoodle thread is generating alot of good points and getting a little side tracked once and a while, and i was just one of them.
Be creative everyone, lets have a little fun!!
Post a pic and state the "designer" breed you have!! ( if your not sure, just take a great guess!)

April 27th, 2006, 09:57 PM
6(or 7 ) year old Rottweppard Named Puppy!

April 27th, 2006, 10:03 PM
3 year old Rottenboxer! Nikita

April 27th, 2006, 10:16 PM
i would think nikita is rather a "boxweiler", sounds more Hollywood! :D

April 27th, 2006, 10:20 PM
One Miss Peaches the Shepow! or Chowherd (depending on the day :p)

April 27th, 2006, 10:43 PM
Bronny and Fingal the Labweilers...because it's easier to say than Rottbradors!

April 28th, 2006, 02:27 AM
Jemma the Labsky or Huskador (I like that better... sounds Spanishy...), and Boo the black newferaner... Weimerlander? Or maybe he's a Labradane... Who knows! But if you want one, he comes with ultra shedding, super light hair (the kind that gets in your nose and you can never get it out) and the stubbornness of a mule. Wooo!

jesse's mommy
April 28th, 2006, 05:51 AM
Here's my Jesse -- a Pitador!!! (Sounds like she should be a bullfighter! Unfortunately, she's too lazy for that kind of extracurricular activity. It would run into her sleepy time.)

April 28th, 2006, 07:30 AM
This is Sam. He is a 5-year-old Labrahound.

April 28th, 2006, 08:35 AM
Mavis the BorderPy and Cocoa the bichontzu(not designer in anyway).

April 28th, 2006, 08:45 AM
Tucker, the boxenji (or pitsenji, we're not really sure).

April 28th, 2006, 09:48 PM

i think pit in him , has same kind of facial features as beathoven......pit cross....pit with what?????but who cares anyway.......oh ontario does.

April 28th, 2006, 09:51 PM
forgot the

April 28th, 2006, 11:20 PM
Here's Beathoven's little bro... He's a Jack Muscle! (My dad's Jack... he's RIPPED! lol- oh and he's not usually so girly- he was decked out for Easter as a joke)

April 29th, 2006, 07:51 AM
my doberhound....or coonman:D

April 29th, 2006, 11:33 AM
laboxer? boxrador? hehe

April 29th, 2006, 06:43 PM
It's kinda funny how much lab seems to show in lab mixes, eh? So maybe all lab mixes should start with Lab-

Prin-I like Huskador, too! Maybe Rottador is better than Rottbrador?

April 29th, 2006, 10:50 PM
See if this will work...
Meet Lola the chowllie

and Maggie the chowsky

Sorry I can`t figure out how to get the pics on here. I have them on my computer and at snapfish, but somehow they don`t want to move here. Lola is my avatar, but its hard to see much of her