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Can spayed kitty's still attract male cats?

April 26th, 2006, 01:16 PM
I have a kitty and we think she is spayed, only because we took her to the vet after taking her in as a stray from the pound and the vet put her under, shaved her and called us to say she had a spay scar and that she would advise us not to go in to see for certain that she had been spayed. If I had to guess if she was in heat, I'd say no. She meows a lot, but that's what cats do. She raises her behind a little when I scratch her on her rump, but no more than to say, oh that feels nice. Then she walks away. I am of the understanding that if they are in heat the raise their butts and I mean REALLY raise their butts. She doesn't do that.

ANYWAYS...last night she was outside and I heard her hissing. I went to let her in and there was another cat (not sure of the sex) sitting on our porch. Ruby came in and started profusely licking her "area" and all around as if she was cleaning something off of her and then I noticed her anus was bleeding. Not profusely , but like it had been scratched. It stopped and has dried up this morning, but I am taking her in this wekkend for her booster and will have them check it. My (very long) question is, can male cats try to mate with spayed cats, and is it possible that male cats sometimes miss the right spot and go into the wrong spot, if you know what I mean.


Lucky Rescue
April 26th, 2006, 01:37 PM
If you aren't sure your cat is spayed, why are you letting her out? She probably isn't in heat, but why take the chance?

Not to mention that if she's going to get into fights with other cats, she could contract deadly diseases like leukemia or FIV, get abcesses or things like fleas.

As for the blood, most adult females who are not in heat would not allow a male to mount them although some young and inexperienced males will try.

Or it could have been another female who attacked her OR the blood may have come with a bowel movement but of course I really don't know.

Please don't leave your cat alone outside at night. That's just asking for trouble.

April 26th, 2006, 01:56 PM
I am not sure how being so presumptious serves you, but that's your problem. First of all, I don't leave her out at night. She comes in every night around 8 or 9 pm. I am under the impression, from the vet, that she is spayed. Second of all, I was asking for other peoples experiences, not self indilgent criticsm. You have done nothing to pass on a shared experience of being a pet owner and that is what I thought this site was about.

Lucky Rescue
April 26th, 2006, 02:09 PM
I'm going by what you say, since I wasn't there to see the incident.

YOU said she was out alone at night and I merely told you what could happen to her.

I DID tell you what could cause blood,(did you not read that part?) but no one here has any way of knowing for sure.

I DID tell you it probably wasn't from being mounted by a male, but again, who knows?

Two other people answered the other thread you started, but I guess you didn't like what they said either.

April 26th, 2006, 09:40 PM
One of my female cats is definitely spayed but you wouldn't know it. Every few months she acts as if she was in heat and out of the blue there are two male cats that are on my balcony waiting for her to go out.......if I let her out they are all over her, so I make sure she stays in during this time. Yes, I know, Lucky, that cats are safer inside!! I wonder if it could be that when she was spayed a little piece of ovary was left inside that causes her to have this "hormonal" reaction.

April 26th, 2006, 11:02 PM
Hi, I can't really tell if or when she goes into heat. I've heard of the little piece of ovary getting left behind and I thought maybe that's possible too. It's not so much the hormonal reaction I am worried about, but rather other cats attacking her. I can't tell when she is "okay" to let out and when she is "not okay" to let out. (I for one think it is cruel to keep cats inside all the time. But that's just my opinion.) I also noticed this evening, that the lawn chair that she was sitting on when I retrieved her last night is reeking of cat spray, which cat I don't know. My questions are:

1. Is it possible for cats to get pregnant if they have a bit of ovary left behind?

2. What other kind of abdominal surgery would take place other than a spaying? ( She is a stray and our vet said she had a spay scar, but she can't say 100% that is what it is)

3. Will male cats accidentally penetrate the anus instead of the vagina?

4. Will male cats even be attracted to fully spayed cats?

I know these are a lot of questions and I have an appointment made with my vet to get the last of her shots and I have the same list for my vet. But the appointment isn't until Saturday and I tend to obsess and worry and I like to get every bit of information that my brain can handle so I have all bases covered.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Ed U KayShawn
April 27th, 2006, 08:25 AM
Hi Shelbert Cats are very territorial and if there are other unneutered males and unspayed females outside then it seems to me that it is more of a territorial issue! If your vet has said that there is a scar then take that as your answer they are highly qualified! When a female cat is in heat, the meowing is unbearable (it will drive you and your neighbours crazy as well as the poor kitty) it does not stop it is all the cat can focus on for days and good luck on trying to keep her inside when they are in heat they are determined to get out! I am pro-spay/neuter, for all reasons. However, make sure you ask your vet these other questions that you have but the best thing to do is try to get the other cats neutered or spayed to curb the spraying as it is a marking territory behaviour.

April 29th, 2006, 02:19 PM
Thanks "U",

I just took her to the vet and we discovered that she has a growth on her anus. It looks like a skin tag. It will have to be removed. I do trust the vet that there is a scar cuz there IS a scar, I've seen it, cuz they shaved her belly and she's been bald for a month! But scars come from other types of surgery too, that's the only reason why I was unsure. But today at the vet I asked a number of questions and she aid that she isn't in heat, and her vulva is not swollen and engorged so she is 99% sure that Ruby is fixed. As for the other cats being fixed, they are not mine, they are neighbourhood cats, so there's not much to be done about that. I will have to get some ionizing cleaner to get the smell off our deck chair.:mad:

As for her poor little bummy, I just hope it isn't too painful for her until we get her an appointment to have it removed. She has no pooing problems that I can tell, no blood in her stools or such thing. So I guess we'll see!

May 1st, 2006, 06:49 PM
We have had a lot of cats. Two of my females still attracted the males into their late teens. Both were spayed and never had kittens. A vet told me that they still give off a scent...some stronger than others.

I'm glad you found out what was up with this kitty.

:thumbs up