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To BeagleMom

April 25th, 2006, 06:03 PM
Can you send me a private email to me? I tried to send you a private email and it won't let me access to the page to private email you. I have questions to ask you about the Beagle.


White Wolf
April 25th, 2006, 06:04 PM
You'll just need a few more posts to enable private messaging.:)

April 26th, 2006, 07:32 AM
I can't send you a private message yet, apparently new members are unable to send or receive private messages right away.

I'm more than happy to provide you with any information or to just talk about beagles in general. They are wonderful dogs!

April 26th, 2006, 09:49 AM
Bailey like to nip at my feet when sitting down crossing my legs and even sometime when i am walking I told him NO NO that hurt and it don't do any good but it not all the time. He go after your hand too. Do you have that problem when yours was a puppy? I hope he will outgrow it. He is spoiled. Like to cuddle up next to you for nap he hang around waiting for someone sit down so he can get up on couch to lay next to you sometime he give up and go lay on his bed LOL. I had to put him in the cage so we can eat dinner sometime but sometime he beg for food we try to ignor him but that hard to do. He is a picky eater too on dog food but rather eat our food LOL. Yes, that true they love people when i take him out on leash outside and he see people walking by with dogs or with out dogs. I have had a lot comment on Bailey saying what a beautiful dog he is.

I love Beagle cause my younger daughter who live in Alabama has one name Katie who passed away at age of 13 yrs this past Decemeber before Xmas. It took my daughter mighty hard cause she loves that dog. I use to live with them for 11 years and Katie is a wonderful dog i ever seen she use to sleep on foot of my bed. what so funny was she love to sit on top of couch when she hear my son in law come out of bedroom or come in the house anytime boy she jump down and go get in her bed LOL she knows she not allowed on top of couch when he is home LOL. I was there for 3 weeks for Xmas and i was home by myself while they were working and my grand son was out for the holidays It seem so empty with out her there i just cannot stand it... She had heart congested failure and etc and she was buried in their yard and they put her in her bed and bury her in it. BUt you know what one day at her work some mixed beagle and something else show up at her work for 2 days and was very abuse and so skinny and she took her home and went next door to the lady who work at the vet where she take her dog all the time and she took the dog to vet and was taken care of and now she own the dog and she said she wonder she came up to her work on purpose for her to keep her. She said that she won"t stay outside long enough and run back in the house. She said she stay in her bed when my son in law or my grandson at home when they not there she get up walk around but when she hear them come in she run to her bed. I wonder she was abuse very bad by mens do you think? we had lot memories of Katie while she was alive. Her new dog name is Sadie. She had her fix they say she about 3 or 4 yrs old.

I do not know if I wanted to neuter Bailey or not? Is yours neutered or not?

You have to tell me all about your beagle....I hope we can private email soon.

April 26th, 2006, 01:13 PM
I don't think you are allowed to post your email address on an open forum, a moderator may remove it. You should be able to pm people soon, when your posting numbers increase slightly.

You will find this site extremely educational. We have several dog trainers her on the board who will be more than willing to help you with any training issues that you may be experiencing. This board is full of extremely knowledgeable people in all areas, training, food, health, etc.

I'm sorry to hear of Katie's passing. It definitely is very hard to lose a beloved family member. It was very nice of your daughter to take in Sadie. It does sound like she had negative experiences with men. It may take her some time and a lot of gentleness, patience and love, but with positive interactions, she will at least enjoy the company of the men in the house. It will take some time to help her to gain the trust of men, but it is definitely possible. She needs to build confidence and learn to trust again.
Bailey like to nip at my feet when sitting down crossing my legs and even sometime when i am walking I told him NO NO that hurt and it don't do any good but it not all the time. He go after your hand too. Do you have that problem when yours was a puppy? I hope he will outgrow it.
This is a very common puppy thing. A lot of puppies bite when playing because they haven't learned bite inhibition or that this is the wrong type of play. Misty didn't bite our feet when she was a puppy. She did try to bite our hands during play though. We would yell ouch! and if that didn't get her to stop what we did was to tell her no in a demanding tone and stopped all play. Misty was never a really big biter though. Even now, when she is playing with us she never uses her teeth. About biting feet, we are actually having this problem with our new puppy Princess, she is a Bichon/Pomeranian cross. What I've done to stop this is to just clap my hands above her and tell her no in a stern but not frightening way. The clap distracts her and she stops. I've had to do it a couple of times but now she doesn't go to my legs or feet as much as everyone elses.

Has Bailey had any obedience training? This will definitely help in establishing your rank in the "pack". He should respect you as leader and will not nip at the leader. Misty had formal obedience training at about one year of age. It worked wonders! She graduated top in her class, made us all very proud.:D

Beagles love food! Any food! Misty does beg. She has gotten better now. She will bark and be very demanding at times. Not usually to me because she knows that I will not tolerate it. What we have done when she is being a pest at the dinner table is to put her in a down stay. This is where her obedience work comes in very handy. Dogs normally do not bark when they are lying down, so putting her in a down stay keeps her quiet and away from the table.

Misty has also become a rather good thief! She is really good at stealing food from people when they least expect it. Especially kids. She has also become a very good liar. While we are having dinner, she will ask to be let out. When one of us gets up to let her out, she will sneak past them and jump up on the table and take what she can grab all in one fluid motion!

Misty will even rearrange the furniture for us. Of course she is doing this for her own benefit. She believes the kitchen chairs look better by the counter, not to mention that it gives her easier access to the kitchen counter with all its goodies!

Beagles are extremely smart. You have to try and be one step ahead of them! When Misty was a puppy, she used to steal the couch cushions just to get us to chase her!

I do not know if I wanted to neuter Bailey or not? Is yours neutered or not?
Misty is spayed. I had her done when she was 6 months old, just before her first heat. I would highly recommend getting Bailey neutered. There are just so many good reasons to do it.