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Job Search Tips

April 25th, 2006, 06:02 PM
I am in need of serious help guys.

For weeks I have been sending out resumes, and I got a few calls on some jobs, but they weren't for jobs I applied for, but for similar jobs to what I had before (as on my resume).

Today I also learned that due to construction, it is going to take me almost 2 hours to get home each night, and there are no alternative routes. I need a new job ASAP!

Problem is....I am not exactly looking for a new career, but I don't want to do what I am doing now (which I can't disclose) or what I did previously (insurance), and there are no jobs available for what I went to school for (forensic science/archaeology).

I know what my skills are, and I know what I enjoy doing, and what I like to do, and what I don't like to do. I know what types of environment I work best in, but none of those are things you can search in a typical job engine.

I am at a loss.

My best strength is in research and gathering information, especially online/electronically. I can find anything about everything, practically. I have good communication skills, but would prefer a job without a whole lot of detailed writing (reports, letters, etc). I enjoy working independantly, and I like to have defined goals set out for me. I prefer a structured environment. I am not an entrepaneur and I have some leadership skills, but I prefer to be a follower and not a leader. I am very technical and have advanced computer skills. I am very creative and innovative and would prefer to work in an environment where the company respects it's employees and works with them to improve the working environment (i.e. if I need a larger desk or a keyboard tray to do a better job, then it should be provided).

When I did an archaeology field course in University, I joked that I loved digging so much, that I would be happy if someone paid me to do it all the time. It was the anticipation of what is just centimetres beneath where you are now, and not knowing what it is until you get there. I wasn't insterested in all the data and reports that had to be written about what was found, and all that, just the digging.

Any suggestions where I might fit in? Or how I would go about finding a job when I don't even know what I am looking for? I was thinking that tonight I will send my resume to all of the 100 top companies in Canada, and maybe someone will have a fit for me!

Oh yeah, and it can't be far away. I'm only looking locally now. No more commute for me. I can't take it anymore.

April 25th, 2006, 06:17 PM
:sorry: I don't have any real tips for you, just commiseration. I'm looking for a job right now, too, and don't really want to work in customer service, which is what the bulk of my resume shows.
I did physical anthro, hoping to specialize in forensic, about 10 years ago-and recently went back for a second BA in Psych. Long story short-OSAP and I disagreed on finances, so I'm not going to school or working-:yuck: AND we're in the process of relocating.
If I glom onto something useful, I'll let you know. I'm sure you've already tried Monster...

April 25th, 2006, 06:38 PM
Nice to hear someone in the same boat. I am so far in debt from my first degree, I can't really afford to go back to school, although I am considering it part-time in the fall.

If I had the money, I would go back to school and get my pastry arts education, and work as a pastry chef, but the money isn't that good initially in that type of job and I am not in a financial position to do that right yet. I need a job that pays at least what I am paid now, give or take a few dollars an hour. I guess I could take a pay cut if I didn't spend as much in gas.

Oh yeah, I don't think I would be good at sales. I'm not a "go getter". I prefer to come in to work, be given a job, do it, move on to the next, with as little human interaction as possible (no phone calls, no letters, no emailing, no meeting clients, etc etc).

jesse's mommy
April 25th, 2006, 08:32 PM
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :fingerscr

April 25th, 2006, 09:55 PM
Raingirl, you're not alone, I've been applying everywhere and anywhere only to even have those silly automated "thanks for applying, we'll call you" emails come in weeks after. I'm even putting in there that I'm willing to relocate to Philly on my own dime just to see if that entices anyone lol

April 25th, 2006, 11:37 PM
If you're getting calls from people, but not for the jobs you applied for, I'd do the interviews anyway. Bait and switch, if you know what I mean. See if you can get your foot in the door with them, establish a rapport, and then inquire about the types of positions you ARE interested in. Hey, it's worth a try--they'll just love you and your enthusiasm so much when they meet you in person, they'll have to take a chance on you :)

April 26th, 2006, 09:03 AM
You sound just like me. I prefer a structured environment too with no communication or ringing telephones. I currently work in Insurance myself and enjoy how fairly structured my workday is, but e-mail and telephones drive me crazy.

On another note, my hubby has been unemployed for nearly a year and a half. He has applied everywhere and has gotten very few calls. It is very frustrating. He is going to Human Resources Canada on Friday to talk with a rep about paid training and stuff like that. I can no longer pay the mortgage and bills just on my salary.

All the best to you.

April 26th, 2006, 10:54 AM
I guess I should add that hubby used and to job search. He has found though that referrals have given him the most "bites." However, he is still waiting to hear about one that he interviewed for through

April 27th, 2006, 03:01 PM
I don't know what type of job you are looking for, I do the hiring for my company, which is for corporate sales. Personally the resumes I get aren't very impressive. It's not the experience or the education that I am not impressed with, it's the structure of the resume.

The font is either too big or too small. I had recieved one resume and the last letter of his last name was on another line. It wasn't his name was so long, but the font was too big! Another resume I recieved, I had to enlarge the phone number so I can read it! Spelling mistakes like crazy in the cover letter or I have no idea what they are trying to say in their letter. I didn't bother calling these people, because I don't want them emailing my customers in this manner.

Before I meet them, I talk to them on the phone for couple of minutes. If I hear that they have poor grammer or they start complaining like crazy about their previous jobs. I don't bring them in for an interview.

That being said, when I bring them in for the interview, the wierdo's I meet I don't bring them in for a second interview or training. I try to get them out of my office as fast as I can. People bringing in their kids for the interview!

I had another situation where the guy said, ' If you are going to interview me, can you interview my wife at the same time!!! I was put on the spot and said ok. The wife could barely speak English or French, all I really understood was, I am pregnent and I don't want to work as a waitress anymore, I want a job where I can sit down!" I didn't hire both of them, even though I thought her husband could have been great.

If you are not getting calls or called on the jobs you really want, maybe your resume needs abit of tweeking.

April 27th, 2006, 08:06 PM
I just posted a small list of job search sites on the other thread (about things getting worse...).

I agree with Poodletalk. I thought my resume was pretty good until I had a professional take a look at it. If you want to have someone look at your resume, I can probably find someone for you who's reasonably priced.

Best of luck to you in your search. As I mentioned in that other thread, times are tough all over. Hubby's company is laying off left and right, and my brother has been on the job hunt for quite some time now. The economy is not looking too hot right now ... unless you live in Calgary.

April 27th, 2006, 08:21 PM
thanks for the tips guys. My resume was actually originally created by a head hunter who is a friend of mine. Aside from adding new information, the format is pretty well the same. I also have friends and family proof read eveything just to make sure.

I know the market is bad right now. A lot of lay offs. There are quite a few specialized jobs in manufacturing (Engineering/Design), but I don't have the education for that. The only responses I have gotten from my resume are for the same job I did before, and I am NOT willing to do that again. I had nightmare and panic attacks for months after I quit that job. I am not even willing to go back into that industry (insurance).

While I don't really know what I want, I know what I don't want, which narrows it down. It's just that there are 100's, if not 1000's, of job postings to weed through, which is hard when you don't know what you want to do.

I think that there are jobs out there, it's just that no one is paying enough, and the cost of living is increasing faster than what employers are willing to pay. If you spend 4 years in university, graduate with 30 to 40K in debt, it is impossible to move out on your own, rent a place to live, buy a car, and pay off your debt on less than 35K a year. Entry level jobs aren't paying that. Most jobs aren't paying that in fact.

What I have narrowed down is I like to please people. I like to help people. I like to solve problems and do research. I guess that's why I enjoy it so much when people have computer problems. I LOVE solving computer problems, software problems, etc. BUT I can't get a tech job in computers (i.e. phone technical support) without a tech education, unless I'm willing to take a job that only pays $11 an hour, which I can't afford to do.

April 27th, 2006, 08:45 PM
Have you taken the myers-briggs test? It's one of those 'personality' type tests that use your characteristics to match up with potential career choices....

I did one in university, and a place where I used to work used the 'colours' one.....some people found it useful....

Just not sure where you can find it...maybe try an employment councillor at Human Resources & Skills Development Canada? They might have some good resources....and they're usually free (I think???)


April 27th, 2006, 09:06 PM
I did myers-briggs twice. Once just before I went to university. THey actually used it to pair us up with roommates!!

THen I did one in about 3rd year university. The results were slightly different. I think I was an INFP the second time...or the first time..I forget. "Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving" or "Introverted Feeling with Extraverted Intuition"

April 27th, 2006, 09:19 PM
But did they give you any suggestions for possible occupations?

I've taken dozens of those tests over the years (my former employer was very fond of them). I was told to become a journalist/writer, entrepreneur, editor ... nothing that ever had anything to do with customer service, which is what I was doing at the time. :D

April 27th, 2006, 09:43 PM
HRSDC funds a 2 week career exploration program:

The first week they test the heck out of you: Myers, Personality, Values, Strong Interest, Copps / Capps tests etc.

You get a 1 on 1 with a counsellor to try to develop a short and long career plan. They cover cold calling etc.

I found it helpful.

April 28th, 2006, 09:09 AM
Humm, you say you like to help people, dont like phones, e-mailing, or such stuff, how about a porter in a hospital. They make good pay and all they do is transport patients to where ever they need to go in the hospital and similar duties.

Also, instead of e-mailing your resume arounds, physically bring it in then if you dont hear anything in a week, give them a call. It will leave a lasting impression and make you stand out above everyone else.

I will keep thinking of more jobs for you.

Good luck with your search