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My 30 Seconds of Fame

April 25th, 2006, 07:22 AM
:party: :D My blog ( was mentioned on Breakfast Television this morning! :D :party: I'm so thrilled, I just had to share. :highfive:

April 25th, 2006, 07:47 AM
:party: Congrats! :party: :grouphug: :highfive:

Rick C
April 25th, 2006, 08:21 AM
Congrats. That's very exciting.

Rick C

April 25th, 2006, 08:38 AM
:thumbs up Great !! Congrats.

April 25th, 2006, 09:22 AM
Congrats! That must make you feel good.

April 25th, 2006, 11:55 AM
Cool! I added you to my bookmarks :)

April 25th, 2006, 11:57 AM
Thanks, folks! :D I'm totally stoked! Not only did I get a mention on TV, but they've also listed our links on their website (! (you have to scroll down to the "Chat Blogs" section) Woo hoo! A high-profile link-back! :highfive:

April 25th, 2006, 01:01 PM
CONGRATULATIONS !!! :thumbs up :highfive:

April 25th, 2006, 03:26 PM
W4F congrats. I get my letters published in the paper and call my whole family so i know where you are coming from.

Its exciting! Like your blog, its very nice to read.


April 25th, 2006, 04:28 PM
Awesome!!:thumbs up (I watch that show every morning!)

April 25th, 2006, 06:00 PM
Yey!! But um... why did they mention you? Not that you're not special or anything :love:, but what was the context?

April 25th, 2006, 07:07 PM
LOL @ Prin! I've been asking myself the same question all day! Last week, they were discussing blogs as a relatively new internet feature and asked people with blogs to send them the link in an e-mail. So I did. But I really wasn't expecting them to pick mine out of all the submissions they must have received.

The more I thought about it today, the more I started questioning it. Maybe they didn't receive that many submissions after all. Maybe it's just like in that old joke. You know the one: "I came in third place in the race!" "How many people were running in the race?" "Three." But, this is Toronto. I'm pretty sure there are more than 5 people blogging here who would have watched that show and thought to send their blogs in ... I think ... I hope ... :( :confused:

April 26th, 2006, 10:34 AM
I will even go as far to say 6 people probably sent their blog links in. J/K

You did good. Of course there were tons of people who sent it in. That is Torontos most watched Breakfast show.

April 26th, 2006, 12:37 PM
I'd say you've got some very interesting and thought-provoking blogging going on, so you must have won out over at least a few dozen other entries. :)

April 26th, 2006, 02:43 PM
Cool! Way to go! You've also inspired me to get my "Stay-at-home-Dad" blog going!

April 26th, 2006, 03:14 PM
Aw, Schwinn, that would be so cool! :thumbs up I have some cool links for blog tools, if you're interested.

April 26th, 2006, 03:33 PM
Call yourself an inspiration, W4F-'cause I'm entering the Blogosphere myself. We stay at homes need an outlet somewhere, right? Thanks for the motivation. :highfive:

April 26th, 2006, 03:50 PM
Excellent Skryker! :highfive: And the offer goes out to you, too. If you want any links, I have a bunch that you'll probably find interesting. About blogging and about SAHM life as well. ;)

April 26th, 2006, 09:14 PM
I'd appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks.:thumbs up

April 26th, 2006, 09:18 PM
Know any other good, free blogging sites? I can't use any of the titles I want (even though several of the sites with the title I want havent been updated since 2002!)

April 27th, 2006, 07:30 PM
Here ( is a great place to start. She lists a bunch of very neat tools. Check out the menu to the right. I believe she has a whole bunch of editors there for you to peruse.

I'll post more links as I come across them. ;)

April 27th, 2006, 10:56 PM
Thanks again! I've got my blog started (sort of) and am slowing and painfully learning the ropes. :fingerscr for good end results.