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Spring behaviour

April 21st, 2006, 05:20 PM
Hi people.
Not written in a long time, but always keep up with the threads for advise. I have a gorgeous, gentle little girl cat (well actually she's about 5 now) She has become such a pain in the arse! God I love her to bits but she is pulling up carpets, scratching and attacking my other 5 cats. Hissing at them when they want to get to the food bowls aswell so they don't get a look in! She also and this is the real reason I am writing tonight... stealing things!! I.E socks, my kids little cuddly toys ect... and putting them all in the cupboard in our room. She is fixed and has always been allowed out into our garden. But only during the day when I can keep an eye on her! They all get locked in at night time. This is when she terrorises them all! She is the most sweetest thing you are ever likely to meet, but at night time she becomes a little cow!
I have been locking them all in at night time now for nearly a year. Is this what is affecting her? It is spring over here and the birds are nesting. Is she just showing me how peed off she is with having to be in all night??
Last night was the last straw as she pooped and weed in my bath tub!!! They have 2 large litter trays to use over night. It's almost like she is trying to tell me something! We used to put up with having 3 cats on our bed of a night (Couldn't move our legs at all throughout the night) but now I wake up and it's only her allowed on the bed!! All the others seem to be not allowed up anymore!!
It is doing my head in!! What can I do? Is she just acting up because it's Spring here and she wants to go out hunting at night and can't?
Please help! :confused:

April 21st, 2006, 09:27 PM
oh dear.... certainly sounds like one angry kitty. a few ideas (just ideas, these may not even help, but may be worth a try)

putting her in her own room for the night. if you have a spare room, provide a litter box, food, water, scratching post, bed/blanket - if she's in her own space she can't terrorize the other cats while you sleep.

how do you feel about indoor gardening? maybe create a little corner jungle for her... some safe (non toxic) plants, such as a few pots of sweet grass (pots of different sizes, and on different levels) and put some kitty toys in there! get creative! toys on sticks stuck into the pots of grass... tin-foil balls hiding in there... plastic bugs... basically give her an indoor garden for night time, and things she's allowed to steal.

good luck!

April 21st, 2006, 11:20 PM
can you build her a safe enclosed area for her?? like a big kitty cage so she can stay outside but she won't get away. I actually just saw this in a book today. They had an area built with chicken wire and there was a roof and there was this safe area where the cat would sleep.She might like that if you have the space. ANd this wasn't a dog crate was big enough so she could run around.

I can't think as to why she'd act like that. Maybe she wants more excitement.

April 22nd, 2006, 10:15 PM
Sorry to hear about your problems but have you taken her to the vet for an analysis?