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Considering getting another cat, need opinions

April 21st, 2006, 02:02 PM
I'll be moving after my lease runs out, in about six months. Although the new place allows all kinds of pets, including large dogs (good for them!), they weirdly don't allow you to adopt pets WHILE you're living there--only to bring along pets you already have when you first move in. So if I want to get a third kitty (three being the limit you can have in this city), now is the time. ;)

I'd love to have a third kitty because I love cats and the more the merrier! Financially, I'm confident I can support a third kitty, including the vet trips. But, never having integrated cats before, I have some questions.

1. Is a two bedroom apartment big enough for three indoor cats to live comfortably in without feeling cramped? Will three cats be more likely to get territorial over "their space" than two cats? (Booster and Remy aren't territorial towards each other at all, but then they've grown up together since they were seven weeks old.)

2. What age of cat would be most likely to "fit in" with my current cats? Does gender make much of a difference? Remy and Booster are both neutered males, between seven and eight months old.

3. Since Booster and Remy are so close, do you think they'd be more lenient towards a newcomer than an only cat would? Or would it make them more likely to close ranks against a newcomer and ignore him (or, worse, want to fight him)? That's one of my biggest worries . . . I work full time so I don't want to bring in a new cat only to have him be lonely because Booster and Remy are shunning him all day.

The personalities of my current cats are . . .

Booster: Siamese, very vocal and friendly towards Remy and all humans, loves to cuddle with Remy and suck on his fur. A big fat toy hog.

Remy: quiet, a little shy and skittish but friendly towards people he knows and towards Booster. Doesn't mind Booster sucking on his fur whilst purring madly and kneading. Never tries to take toys away from Booster.

April 21st, 2006, 03:00 PM
How about a lovely laid-back senior, preferably female. Nobody ever wants those.

April 21st, 2006, 04:11 PM
I agree with Badger,but it might take a little longer for your cats to accept an older cat,it all depends on how your cats are.
In my case,I have 3 males and when I got Vinnie as a kitten,it took about a week before Rocky and Chico were ok with him.
Rocky now loves him,but Chico is a bit standoffish still,no fights though..

April 21st, 2006, 08:45 PM
apparently, getting a younger cat to join an older cat group works best.

I saw you get a kitten :)