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Looking for pros and cons of premature spay/neuter

April 21st, 2006, 11:31 AM
I can hear kittens in the shed that i had posted about a few weeks ago, Now I have to be cautious about catching the cats (dont wantto trap the mother cat) Im going to stop and remove the trap untill i can get a better idea of where the babies are.
Now to my question, I want them to be spayed/neutered before they go to new homes, I called a few vets in the area and its 50/50 on the subject, some will preform the operations anytime after the testicles in the males drop. Other vets I have called said Not untill they are atleast 5 months old.
If there has already been a thread with this information could someone post it again, I have been looking around. Now if there hasnt, what do the fellow members feel is the safest for the kitties??
Dont want to do the premature operation if it can be harmful, IF i have to keep them here untill they are 5 months to be on the safe side, there is no problem with that!
Thanks ahead of time everyone

Lucky Rescue
April 21st, 2006, 12:23 PM
Since female cats can get pregnant at 5 months, I don't know what the vet is thinking of!

Our vet will do the s/n when the kitten is either 2 lbs or 8 weeks, whichever comes first. Since they will be harder to adopt out as they get older - the sooner the better.

And if those kittens are feral, you better trap them right now to tame them and you MUST get the mother spayed or there will be another litter very soon.

April 21st, 2006, 12:56 PM
Thanks, Lucky Rescue thats all i needed to hear, Im heading in there again to follow the cries, I havent seen a female that appears to have had a littler scurry away when i walk in there, of the 4 that have already been trapped the females were in heat but had no signs of having a litter. Im also a bit worried that they might be without a mother????? She may have been killed by ??? Im going to tear that shed apart now and find the little ones. I'll keep you informed about the situation.
Thanks again for the quick response. I truely apprecieate it!:grouphug:

April 22nd, 2006, 11:47 AM
Found the kitten cries i was hearing, up in the rafters!! 2 adorable little Grey kittens. I think they are approx. 2 weeks old (?) Their eyes are still glossy and not fully opened and they dont walk yet. They are a bit under weight and even once i "disturbed" them the mother didnt come around, I put them in a box and sat in the shed for a while to see if she would come but she didnt. So now im bottle feeding them. (they hiss when i hold them, but calm down quickly) I'll put some pics up once they settle in to the house better. (I really dont want to tramatize them right now) One male and one female. And we've named them already, Larry and Krissie. Ill keep y'all posted on them!
Just so happy i found them!

April 22nd, 2006, 03:41 PM
erykah1310;what a nice thing to do!You are an :angel: