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why d'you name him that?

April 21st, 2006, 12:01 AM
Why'd you give your animal his/her name? How did you come up with it, and why does it fit his/her personality?

I'll start...

When I was researching dogs, I also started researching names. I didn't want a 'regular' name for my dog. I had narrowed the field down to :
for a girl : Olive, Juliette, Fiona, Tristan
for a boy : Champsky (that's for my hubbie!), Harry, Diego or Dante

So how did I end up with the most POPULAR boxer name of all time :rolleyes: ?? I didn't name him :D Poor little huney had already had a few name changes (he'd been bounced around quite a bit before coming into rescue) -- he was traumatised enough. He had enough to deal with when I took him in as a foster (ya, I was supposed to only FOSTER him, but he won me over!!) so I kept his name. And like any Boxer, Buster fits his personality.

April 21st, 2006, 12:52 AM
Dancer-got her name from my friend's mother, when Dancer was living on their doorstep (before she came home with me!). Dancer was always so happy to have anyone pay attention to her, she "danced" from front foot to front foot, waiting to be petted. She's kind of a clutzy cat to have a graceful name, but it just suits her so I never changed it.

Fingal-is my husband's favourite mythological figure, a Scottish giant. Fingal's mother's name is Casey, and her owner suggested Finnegan at first, I said Finn and my husband said Fingal (who is the Scottish version of Fionn McCool, the Irish legend). Fits because Fingal was the largest puppy there and is going to be a BIG boy. Also, there is a tourist site in Scotland called "Fingal's Cave" and my Fingal does love his caves to lay in. :)

Bronwyn-almost got called Banshee, since she howled most of the way home. But we were thinking of Celtic names to match Fingal, and I suggested 2 or 3 (can't remember the other ones now) including Bronwyn. My daughter decided on Bronwyn while I was in the bathroom! So, just like that, she was named. I was thinking of warrior women-turns out that Bronwyn is kind of a Celtic equivalent to Aphrodite, goddess of love. And Bronny has always been the Kisser. She's very affectionate.

April 21st, 2006, 01:24 AM
Jemma was named when we got her, and it suits her (almost human)...

Boo named himself... I wanted to name him Jeffrey or John, but he wouldn't have it. His SPCA name was Cliff- he didn't know that though. So we watched Monsters Inc and then followed him around the house saying names. He never turned around... So we kept going, and then Boo came out and he turned his head. So he's Boo. And he is a Boo. A big black scary-lookin' goof. I still say his formal name is Johnny. I swear he's a Johnny. Laid back and independent... Betcha in his old age, he's wishing we'll stop calling him Boo... or Boobs... Boobie... lol Johnny isn't so bad now, is it?:D

Ah well, he's Boo.

Here's the gooph.:D
(yes, he needs braces)

April 21st, 2006, 03:02 AM
Right where do I start.....

"I had a dream" no really I did,

Freeway (bless you baby went to the bridge Aug 05) was found on a roundabout on a motorway with his sister, now being British couldn't call him motorway so he was named Freeway after the hart to hart series, his sister was called Freddy they thought she was a boy then turned into a girl to Freddy became Freddie, I kept Freeway and my sister took Freddie, both lived until they were 15 and both passed on last year.

Smokey, was named before I got him for the Cats Protection League, he had no fur as someone had tried to drown him in a tank of OIL :eek: he is now 22 years old , ahs few teeth sucks his food, is strawny to the point of being yuk, but the vet says he is fine and the fact that we love him, if I wake up in the morning and hear him meow its gonna be a good day

Lucy is such a pretty girly cat that the name suited her, though she was ferral that I managed to tame, she is now about 16 years old and sleeps all the time.

Millie, I was arrested for breaking and entering into someones house to take the cat she had broken legs and a broken tail and they couldn't be bothered to take her to the vets, she was called Gilly but i wasn't having a cat named after my mother in law:eek: - hence Millie

The Mogquai (after the gremlin) her real name is Suzy Woo, Woo being by nickname, but she makes this singing noise all the time - usually at 5am when she wants feeding so hence her nickname.

AND FINALLY - now for the dream

Shasta Lakota (Mountain in American& North American Indian tribe) passed to the bridge in Jan 2001, I had a dream the night after that I would have two more huskies a white male called Lucca - which in Italian means "bringer of light" and a black & white female called Mia which again in Italian mean "my daughter", a week later - a saw an advert for white husky pups, we went to see them he walked straight over to me and lay in my lap - just like Freeway had done all those years ago.

Freeway was getting older and was struggling to cope with Lucca so my husband bought me a wedding present again an advert appeared for back & white bitches - she waddled over to me and bit me - thats my girl.

Long winded I know - but I love my babies so much that each of there names has as much meaning into them as if they had been human children.

jesse's mommy
April 21st, 2006, 05:43 AM
Well Jim actually thought of Jesse's name. The humane society called her Ruby and I just wouldn't have it. We were trying to think of names and nothing was clicking. About an hour before we were going to pick her up from the shelter a light bulb went off in Jim's head. He said, my other dog was Woody and who is Woody's girlfriend in Toy Story? JESSE!!!! So that's how we named her. It actually suits her well because a lot of time we call her Jezebel because she gets a bit rambunxious (sp?) and curious at times.

April 21st, 2006, 06:11 AM
Rocky,Because as a kitten,his paws were almost bigger than his head,Rocky Balboa(sp?)came to mind..
Chico,when he was little his fur looked like Chicory,boring,I know,but one of my sons named him and it suits him.
Vinnie,originally Winnie,after Winston Churchill industrial park,where he was found.

April 21st, 2006, 06:58 AM
I named my birds Ed and Joey because i like just naming pets simple, people names. It saves alot of time just naming them the first thing that comes to mind:)

April 21st, 2006, 07:33 AM
I named my little shih tzu Harley because he was a very small puppy with a big bad-**s attitude! He wanted to be the rough one in the litter but always ended up being pushed around by the other pups! He still thinks he is a big dog....his nickname is HarleyDude! :)

April 21st, 2006, 07:53 AM
Harley got his name because it was the only name my EX and I agreed on...Suits him though. Biker looks tough, but most of them are softies. Like him. Tigger came with his name, and new it well. But he suits it, he is so bouncy

April 21st, 2006, 07:56 AM
Bear-because he looked like a bear cub as a puppy. Now at his overweight lazy self, it just suits him perfectly.

Kaos-because he's chaotic at the best of times, and hubby wanted it spelled that way.

Aerial (RIP 2005) was named after her mommy's firetruck.

Buzzy (RIP 2003) sounded like a chainsaw buzzing when he purred, thus the name.

April 21st, 2006, 08:04 AM
My husband NEVER wanted a dog, I went to walk dogs at the shelter one Sunny Sunday afternoon. The Director told me she had to go to her car and feed a pup that was sick and needed to be seperated from her litter.

I followed her to the car, inside a big cat cage was this tiniest black and white pup with big brown eyes. Without thinking, I said I could foster her, the Director who knows me very well said "great!, her she is!"

I was so nervous driving home, how was I going to explain to him, how I came home with a sick pup, when he told me Millions of times how he never wanted a dog. (After all, getting a dog is suppose to a mutual decision)

Anyways, I got home, hubby was upstairs taking a Sunday afternoon nap, I let the pup out of her cage and woke him up holding her. He had this smirk on his face, he wasn't mad but he wasn't thrilled either!

I explained to him, how this pup was sick, she needed to be seperated from the litter and how I agreed to foster her. Afer all, he NEVER said I could NEVER foster, he just said he didn't want a dog on full time basis.

To butter him up, I told him this poor dog didn't even have a name and what did HE think we should name her. (In my mind I was thinking Foxy, after the Jimmy Hendrix song "Foxy Lady") He looks at her, he says "she looks like a MAGGIE" I told him to butter him up more, Maggie is such a perfect name for her. So Maggie it was!

After 2 years of "fostering" her, hubby just said this week. You know what, Maggie is such a good girl, I think we should just adopt her. I said, "great idea! Which it was, but I already adopted her 2 years ago when I was suppose to bring her back to the shelter after she recovered from kennel cough :D What he doesn't know, doesn't hurt him

doggy lover
April 21st, 2006, 08:15 AM
Travis (rip) got his name as its was the only one we as a family could agree on. My hubby wanted to name him stupid things like Dozer, Waylon and so on. But at 120lbs he needed a big person name, Fluffy wouldn't have fit him.

doggy lover
April 21st, 2006, 08:20 AM
Now Tucker, I wanted an Celtic or English style name as his ancestors came from GB. Mind you I liked Froto and Baggins after the Lord of the Rings too. But once again my hubby and my son come up with Buck-eye and silly names. In the end Tucker was the name out of a list of many that we came up with. It suites him as some time he can be a little _ucker so its not far off.:p

April 21st, 2006, 08:30 AM
Tristan - from the James Herriot books, and indirectly from the Wagner opera/ancient love story "Tristan et Isolde" - and my boy is just as much of a clown and practical joker as the Herriot character. (As an aside, there is a black lab in my area named "Isolde" - now what are the odds of having two black labs named after an opera?)

Kaylie was named "CeeJay" by her previous owner who dumped her at the pound, but I wanted to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch, so she became my celtic party girl - although I changed the spelling from the gaelic "Ceilidh" to make it easier on my vet.

April 21st, 2006, 09:37 AM
Tucker.... the little guy was just "tuckered out" more often than not when we first got him (see pic attached). Also, I wanted a 2 syllable name, so as not to be confused w/ one syllable training commands. we said "TUCKER!" and he looked immediately... he liked it, we liked it. that was that. In the shelter, he was known as "shaggy" simply because he was of a litter of five, 2 girls/ the staff named them after the Scooby-Doo gang. He didn't look very "shaggy" to me though. Ironically, his doggy-mom's name is Jess....I always think that's a little odd.

Miss Lulu.... I actually named her before I even got her. I said to my bf, "we're getting another kitty, and her name will be Lulu". he sort of chuckled & thought I was a little crazy... few wks later, Miss Lulu came home w/ me.

Nala.... she came w/ that name. she's a shelter cat, who's been bumped around from home to home... thankfully, she found her place... w/ us.

April 21st, 2006, 09:50 AM
My husband actually named Dale, I had no idea where he came up with the name but it sounded cute and Dale looked like a Dale so I said alright. Later on I found out that he had gotten the name from a race car driver and a character on the cartoon King of the Hill. Later on I added Boy to Dale's name so he is now Dale Boy.

April 21st, 2006, 10:19 AM
Simon came from the shelter as Simon and well, I think he looks a good deal like a Simon :)

Peaches had been renamed Atticus (must've been a Mockingbird fan) during one of her many rehomings, but they reverted her back when she was returned prior to us adopting her. I just kept her as Peaches since it fits and she responds (most of the time)

Max (RIP 2006) was named Comet by his former home, but answered to Max when my brother said the name, so it stuck.

Regent (RIP 1999) had been named 30 years prior to my knowing him, which for a horse, is an amazing bit of old age, but for a 17.2 hand bay warmblood, he was the most magnificent king of my world.

Tigger (RIP 2000) was named for the Winnie the Pooh character since I got her at my own tender age of 4 and was BIG into Pooh bear and friends :)

April 21st, 2006, 10:34 AM
My cocker that passed in December was named after my husbands best friend who passed away 6 years ago. Mike's nickname was Moocho so that was what we called our cocker in his memory. It soooooooo suited him as Mike was a daredevil when he was alive...he lived to have fun...he also died having fun...same with our beloved Moocho.

Sadie our Boykin was a rescue and was already named. We could have renamed her I suppose but it seemed to suit her.

Charlee our cocker was named after my husbands brother and my brother...we are very sentimental arent we??

Darla our newest addition who is a yorkie/bichon was quite hard to name, I wanted something femanine but not too cutesie. I seached all the websites to no avail. I kept looking at her pics that we took before we brought her home and kept saying ohhhhh isnt she darling?? And Darla just seemed perfect!!


April 21st, 2006, 11:00 AM

Amie, my childhood dog (beagle)- was to be my best friend... she was hit by a car and had pins in her legs and hips that didn't work. Poor little girl.
Molly- lab farm rescue- she was so submissive and docile and 'molle' in french means limp, or soft... she was a sweetheart, but one day when she was old she left to die and although we looked and looked we never found her body.
Ti-Loup, he just arrived one day and never left. We never found his owners. He looked like a little wolf.
Buddy, humane society pup, started out as Bear but his nickname stuck instead... he still lives on the farm with my parents.
Phoenix, my horse was bought as Prince (kind of boring) but he was so beautiful I changed his name to suit his red color and the fact that his new life was kind of a rebirth. Phoenix died last April (wow a year ago) at the age of 28 ... and is my username inspiration.
Flight, (egyptian arabian horse) registered name was Sargent Pepper, was such a runner he seemed to fly, tail and neck straight out...also the name of one of my grandfather's show kerry blue terriers. Flight went to a new home as he was bullied by the other horses.
Sam, is actually Samurai, our labx. He has a white 'dagger' on the front of his chest.
Maia, (boxer) I liked the sound of it, looks like Gaia the original continent, seemed mother-earthish to me. I wanted something very girly for her, since boxers look so tough!

April 21st, 2006, 11:14 AM
Not any interesting stories bout my pets names,
Meiko- Named after the raccoon on Pocahontas cartoon, cause he had kinda a racoon mask (and it suits him wonderfully, hes mischevious!)
Nikita- Being half Boxer, I couldnt think of any female boxers names that worked for a dog, so I went with "La Femme Nikita" she was kinda tough lol
Puppy- Had that name when i got him, and it works just as well as calling him tiny!! lol, and he has the personality of a puppy
Mr.Floyd- He has always been a little on the strange side, it started off as Baby Floyd but quickly became MR!
Madamme Fuzzer Muffin (aka Fuzz)- She had gone a long time with no name, eventually we called her Fuzzer Muffin, the Madamme came when her character developed a bit more
Oliver- He just looked like an Oliver. It was almost like it was tattoed on him or something, as soon as i saw him i said "Oliver"
As far as the rabbits, well that'll take way too long!
I have Hayden, Cocoa,Momma,Missy, Oreo,Cookie,Lady, Flops and Houdini! The names came by personality.

April 21st, 2006, 12:43 PM
I had dog named Bo after Bo Jackson.... you know Bo know sthis, bo does that....

Capone, we looked on the net and narrowed it down to a couple names but Capone was original and fit him becaus ehe had this proud chest out stance.
Often now hes called pony boy after the outsiders.

April 21st, 2006, 03:19 PM
. A big black scary-lookin' goof.

a goof? sure...
scray lookin'? no way man! More like adorable lookin'!!!

April 21st, 2006, 08:37 PM
scray lookin'? no way man! More like adorable lookin'!!!

yeah jemma's the scary one with those big teef :D :evil: ;)

April 21st, 2006, 08:42 PM
oh wait i forgot....

Twiggy- the little feral kitten that adopted me..she got her name from Twiggy Ramirez..I didn't particularly name her after him(yes she's named after a goth guy) but I thought the name was particularly silly and it suits her. She's also very small for a cat so I guess Twiggy suits he even more. I hope she didn't grow cos of the name. I wouldn't have gotten mad if she grew a normal cat size...honest!:o

Peanut- She was named "Juliette" by her former guardian, but I shall have no prissy French cat in the house (hehe). I just didn't think that name suited her and she was so skinny poor baby that I kept calling her a it stayed.

Maryjane- who can forget the guinea pig?? :D ...contrary to popular belief...she was actually named after my friend.

my old Beta fish was called Sid Vicious...cos he was a vicious little beta :)

April 21st, 2006, 09:41 PM
a goof? sure...
scray lookin'? no way man! More like adorable lookin'!!!
yeah jemma's the scary one with those big teef
Nobody I have met thus far has thought Boo was the docile one right away. He is HUGE, eh? Not a regular lab... People think because Jemma is small, she is nice and sweet (but you all know the truth :evil: ). I can't find a good pic to show the size difference (ever)... Maybe this one? See? Jemma is a normal sized lab (a little bit more delicate bone structure, but same height). And see how big Boo is? He scares the crap out of most people at first (until the goof takes over).

See? His back is almost a foot higher than hers.

end hijack/

April 21st, 2006, 09:58 PM
We named our 2 cats Finn and Angus after a Northern Ireland legend about 2 giants. An Irish giant named Finn MacCool and a Scottish giant named Angus (in some lengends also named Benandonner, we liked Angus better). We had gone on vacation to Ireland and visited the Giant's Causeway, the location of the legend, and found Ireland to be so beautiful/intoxicating. It seemed fitting to name our cats after 2 recognizable Irish characters, since we got engaged in Ireland and then got the cats as a "wedding present" to ourselves.

Here's a link to one version of the story

April 21st, 2006, 10:09 PM
Wow, two named their pets after Finn McCool (or whatever-:o ) I don't know him, but it makes me wonder if I should..

April 21st, 2006, 10:37 PM
Our original dogwalker renamed Bridie (poor thing had no name for the longest time, then an appalling name for awhile). Bridie is an ol'-timey Irish variation on the name Brigid who is known as Celtic Goddess amongst Pagans and is thought to be the origination of Saint Brigid of the Catholic Church. Ceili is an Irish Gaelic word for a celebration which involves song and dance - an East Coaster would call her "kitchen party". Declan the new lad came to us with a name I couldn't say without laughing (let's just say I had a husband who named a part of his anatomy;) and leave it at that). Declan means "full of goodness". Given the sad past he came with-I thought it might offer him a bit of inspiration and hope. That's my tribe !

April 22nd, 2006, 12:45 AM
For the pets I`ve named or been responsible for:

Trinket, my childhood dog was a hunting dog mutt. Very pretty mix of brown, black & white, but she didn`t resemble any known breed. She was named Trinket because at age 10 I thought that was a very clever name for a dog that came as sort of a Christmas present (we had planned for and picked her out ahead of time)
Maggie, the first animal we got as married folk is a chow/husky (we think) mix. I knew a dog named Maggie Mae and liked the name, hubby wanted to name her after a Grateful Dead song, so her "official" name is Sugar Magnolia Mae.
Our cat Teeny (black tortie) didn`t have a name when we first got her. She was a runt & still is small, so her name finally became "Teeny tiny kitty cat"
Guinea pigs (RIP), Oreo came with her name, she was black on the ends & white in the middle. Fluffy came with the name Lightning, but that so didn`t fit. Our daughter had been wanting a kitten she could name Fluffy, but Teeny hates other cats so we aren`t planning on another any time soon. So Lightning became Fluffy, and she was, they were both long-haired (Peruvian) piggies.
Peaches the cockatiel was named by my late grandma who was her first owner. She has sorta peach-shaped markings on her cheeks & knows her name so we didn`t change it when we inheirited her.
Lola, our chow/BC? X doggie came to us just over a year ago now. She came with her name & I *really* wanted to change it. We mulled over a few others, then I ended up in the hospital for a week & when I got home, Lola had stuck. I still don`t care for her name, but added a middle name, Ann. She has to have a middle name so we can yell at her with her full name when she is naughty. :evil:

April 22nd, 2006, 09:06 AM
The rescue where we got Joey had been calling him Franklin. He had been found on the FDR drive (Franklin Delano Roosevelt, drive, which is more of a highway, not a residential street) in New York City, hence the Franklin. We called him that for about 20 minutes and everyone agreed that it just did NOT suit him. We tossed around this name and that for about a day, like trying on clothes until you get the right fit. And then my daughter said "Joey!" all of a sudden as though it had just popped ito her head and everyone said "That's it. That's his name." It was as if that was his name all along and we just had to guess it.

Now Cooper got his name through Yep he's a baby from the get go. I tried out a bunch of names on him. Petey was one but I thought that after Joey maybe I didn't want another "ey" name. It jsut seemed like a pattern, and I wanted him to have his own name, not another version of Joey, you know. But then I thought maybe Bailey, but that was because we like "It's a Wonderful Life" and I thought about naming him after George Bailey. But so many people told me that they knew a dog named Bailey that I thought I'd try something else, plus it didn't really suit him. My friends daughter said Teddy and that did seem to suit him so I put it on the list with George and Bailey and Sam and a bunch of others I don't remember and I was planning on giving the list to my kids to see what they liked. So we were just calling him puppy, until the kids came home for Thanksgiving. It was almost two weeks before they came home and by then we seriously considering naming him Puppy.

I even had a thread going here I think asking for advice on naming this guy.

Then I was reading the boards without my glasses and I misread a screen name. I looked at the name Copper'smom and thought it said Cooper's mom. And I thought "I love that name" So I added Cooper to the top of the list with a big star. The kids came home and my daughter said any name was fine with her so I said let's let your brother choose since you named Joey. So we left it up to my son and he said "Bailey." OK, I feel a little mom guilt over this, but I lived with Bailey for a bit and then said. "I'm really sorry but we can't call him that because his name is Cooper."

So he's Cooper !

A friend of mine said that you have to pick a name that has more play in it. She said you can't come up with nicknames, you need something that lends itself well to nicknames.

Well she was wrong because you can play with any name and he is often The Cooper Dog, or Super Duper Cooper, or Cooper Pooper.

He's also Duper Dog, and The Coop.

But mostly he's just Cooper !

April 22nd, 2006, 09:26 AM
We had a hard time naming Alicia. She was nameless for a couple of days. Her kennel name was Ruby which I didn't mind but my hubby didn't like it. I liked Molly and Maggie and names like that but my hubby thought there were "sissy" names. My very first thought however was "Rosa." I thought it was perfect because she was orange, and it is a combination of both my hubby's & my names. Hubby didn't like that either. Once I told hubby I prefered a human name, and he was picky about the choice, I asked him what name he liked and he said "Alicia." It was funny, because we always thought that would be the name of our first born female child. That wasn't to be I guess. Alicia she became. I of course started calling her "Ali" much to hubby's chagrin.

We took Sam over to my Mom's the day we got him and she said "he looks like a Sam." He was running around in the backyard and we yelled "Sam" and he looked over so the name stuck.

April 22nd, 2006, 09:28 AM
Oh I forgot to mention my past pets. There weren't many. When I was about 3 or 4 my parents realized that I was petrified of dogs. PETRIFIED. I'm sure it was because we just didn't have any in my small little world. There weren't any on my block, I was just never around dogs at all. My mother said I ran right into the street when I saw a dog coming, so rather than find some nice gentle doggies to introduce me to, my mother used some convoluted logic, (I still tease her about this) and decided that "The child is scared out of her wits by dogs--let's get her one !)

My brother knew someone who had a chihuahua and they brought it to the house. I remember that it was white and that when it came towards me I climbed up to the back of the couch and sat there crying.

The next week my parents went to the same breeder and brought home Taffy. No imagination there--the white chi was Taffy so that's what we named ours. She was black with a white spot on the back of her neck and she lived attached to my mother's ankle for the rest of her life. ( I remained afraid of all other dogs until I was a teenager. )

When my husband and I were dating I got Thomasina. She was a stray cat that kept coming to his parents back porch. She was a young cat, just a shade over kitten. They fed her but already had 3 dogs, 2 cats, two fish tanks and a guinea pig. So MIL decided that I should take Kitty Cat. That's what they called her. But when I took her MIL said that I had to call her Thomasina (hubby is Tom) I hated the name Thomasina but wanted MIL to like me (Read the Easter in'laws thread and you'll see how well THAT worked out:rolleyes: ) so I shortened it to 'sina but spelled in Cina for some strange reason.

Cina lived to be about 14. Then no pets for 8 and a half years, and then Joey. And now Cooper.

We did have a goldfish briefly (is there any other way to have a goldfish?) His name was Duke. My son had been watching Lassie and there was an episode where Lassie had a friend named Duke, so that's where he came up with the name and I loved it since it was the most UN goldfish-y name in the world.

jesse's mommy
April 22nd, 2006, 02:11 PM
Oh, I forgot our hamster who just passed away about seven months ago. His name was Harry because he was hairy.

April 22nd, 2006, 06:03 PM
My hubby named Melei. her dogmomma is Molly and her dogpoppa is Medu so hubby just made it up. I liked it so it stuck.

my bettas (yes I name my fish) are Percy, Cliph(rip), Lazarus and Ming-Yu(looked up names for him, means bright moon and he is white)and my daughter has a betta named Dante and a hamster who we thought was a boy but is a girl so she was Damon but is now Delilah. She uses d names cause her name starts with d.

in our big guppie tank, we named the first guppies, and I won't list them all lol but now we just call all the orange and blue ones gretzky babies and the pleco is named Eureka.