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PULLING on lead

December 20th, 2003, 10:51 PM
omg, omg... I'm ready to throw a spasm.

I CAN NOT walk both my dogs @ one time.

We have bought this lead where I can walk both dogs on it & I don't need to carry around two retractables.

I use this when I walk them solo.

All has been fine and dandy til this evening, I attempted to walk them out, and not even 5 min into the walk, I HAD to turn back home!!! I took them straight around the house and into the backyard. The younger one went free, but not the male. And what do you know? He turns around and follows every one of my commands. This is HORRIBLY frustrating!!

I do NOT understand why my dog is pulling. He responds to come and sit VERY well. He makes eye contact and the rest of it, showing me that he is alert to my commands and so forth.

BUT!!! ah, but the moment a lead goes on him, he's got that TERRIBLE posture which indicates to all life forms that he will NOT be tied down.

Yes, he is a pointer. Yes, he does get PLENTY of exercise. YES, his sister (another pointer) does tire him out, DAILY.


but aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, I feel SO hopeless.

I feel as tho I have overused the retractable on walks. He's almost 3 yrs old and I'm seeing dim hope resulting from future possible obedience training classes.

He is EXTREMELY stubborn. On walks, his nose is #1 and whatever he smells, he follows.

I am no longer the leader of the pack. :(


Lucky Rescue
December 20th, 2003, 11:23 PM
I know all about power pulling - I have a pit bull, and never knew a dog could pull so hard! I've had her a year and a half, and just in the last few months have I got the pulling down to a point where I only have to occasionally remind her not to.

In my opinion, retractable leads teach dogs to pull! Get rid of it, and use a regular lead. Your dog has now had a lot of practice pulling sucessfully, so you will have to work extra hard to teach him not to.

This is going to take a great deal of patience on your part, but it will eventually work!

Here is one article I like. I'll find more when I have time.
Leash pulling (

December 20th, 2003, 11:30 PM
LR, u are a life saver if not an angel to this site and many of those who visit!

you've given me that little bit of hope that may ease my mind when going to bed tonight.... *sigh*

what a suddenly difficult case I have to deal with.

Bonding with him has been on the up & up, esp after we gained a younger sister companion for him.

How easily, they forget the more simpler things in life. *tear*

My deepest thanks goes to you.

Aggie :)

December 21st, 2003, 11:31 PM
wAggie dear, did you find your gentle leader yet for him?

Honey can't pull too much when her leader is on but it's off and watch her go....

Think of it this way though....take them both to the park and a sled, take their leaders off and let them pull you around LOL
kidding ofcourse!~

But seriously do some diggin and find that leader, Choco's a big boy and he can pull for sure! I wouldn't want you to fall and hurt yourself, especially with winter here = snow and ice.

I haven't looked at LRs site link yet but she is the BEST ;) so I'm sure it's great advise.

You are right LR is a great source of information, I tell her all the time :)

Lucky Rescue
December 22nd, 2003, 12:32 AM
***Is blushing ** Thanks for the kind words guys. I've just had a lot of frustration and experience with a puller!

The main thing about pulling, is that the instant you take a step to follow when your dog pulls - he has won (in his eyes). And dogs do what works.

He has to learn that you decide where you will go. He pulls - you abruptly and swiftly do an "about face" and quickly walk the other way. Soon the dog thinks "Maybe I should pay attention here!"

Obedience classes are also great.

Did he pull like this when you had only him to walk? Often two dogs together go into "pack mode" and just pull harder.

December 27th, 2003, 01:34 AM
$35 later & YES, we finally got him a Gentle Leader....

we couldn't find it. :(

and it does an AMAZING JOB, leaves me speechless & practically in tears after walking them both by myself!

I HIGHLY recommand it to anyone who's got a puller... along with proper training of course!!!!

Without training, do NOT bother.


Lucky Rescue
December 27th, 2003, 10:51 AM
Without training, do NOT bother.

THANK YOU!!! That goes for choke, prong and shock collars.
Many people basically say, "I want my dog to behave perfectly but I can't be bothered/can't afford/don't have time to train or take him to obedience school".

There is NO quick fix!

These devices and collars should only be used in conjuction with training, and with instruction from a qualified person.

December 27th, 2003, 05:07 PM
yw, LR!

you have to be completely consistant as SOON as u impliment a new training technique.

it's the only way.

and works EVERY time... unless, of course, the technique isn't useful. lol