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petdr we need something cleared up

December 18th, 2003, 06:14 PM
A few of us have been trying to get info on demodex mites (red mange).

There is conflicting information on this.

Could you possible clear up a few things for us?

My dog is 4 yrs old and this is her first case. In some web sites says there can be underlying cause? True or False?

Can there be re-occurance?

Should the dog be confined away from others?

I did ask a question on holistic meds (Vitamin C and garlic) is there anything else that can be used?

Is there anything that can be used to boast the immune system? (dogs are currently on MSM).

I might add that the one infected is half Dal and border collie. I also have a pure bred Dal and a heinz 57 :) The Heinz 57 has been the healthest dog ever I might add!