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I don't want to play ball outside!!

April 14th, 2006, 01:36 PM
Gomez loves to play fetch inside the house...

We have a very long hallway (about 40 feet) and he loves to chase his ball/cuz/kong and bring it back - he does this with such energy that sometimes he bumps into doors, walls, whatever is in his way - he makes a big show of "killing" the toy loudly before he charges back with it, gives it a few good shakes, and the drops it to go again - while he sits and waits for us to throw it again, he will get so excited he quivers and makes the funniest noises, sometimes sound like a monkey! Loads of fun and he can do this for a long time!

So we take the same ball/cuz/kong out to the park, throw it, and nothing. He chases it a bit, but then is not interested at all in playing with it - sometimes he will carry it in his mouth for a while, but none of the indoors rambunctiousness or fetching... it's a shame, really because he could go so much further outside!!

Really, all he likes to do in the park is run and walk next to us, and play with other dogs when they pass by...

Any ideas on getting him to fetch and play ball in the park?

April 14th, 2006, 02:06 PM
Had the exact same problem with Lucy. She learned to fetch inside with her ball. When I took her outside, she wasn't interested in retrieving her ball at all.

I was getting frustrated until for no reason I threw a wood-stick and told her to "Catch". She ran and brought it back with excitement. I threw the ball and said "catch" and she just walked away! Threw the stick again and she brought it back with lots of excitement!

I was confused.

I took the stick home and threw it, and she didn't like it that! I tried the ball inside and she retrieved it! Very strange.

Try a different object when you're outside. He might be associating the kong with his life inside the house(which is probably more boring than being outside). The stick works great for me.

Also when you go outside, there's way too many distractions. Try giving him a treat for fetching outside. He'll learn.

April 14th, 2006, 02:13 PM
A Warning About Sticks:

When I was in university, I had a lab/shep named Buddy. He was a fetching fiend!He was only about a year old, and I was building fences in the field and chucking a stick for Bud to play with. I was not paying attention, and threw the stick and its pointed end stuck into the soft ground like a javelin. Bud opened his mouth and ran into it to get the stick, and the end of the stick jabbed him in the back of the throat and entered into his inner ear through the jaw.
He did survive but needed a major surgery to remove the piece of stick, and his hearing in that ear was damaged after that. I never throw sticks, ever. It was a very expensive lesson to learn.

April 14th, 2006, 08:26 PM
Phoenix, that was horrible. I totally understand about not wanting to throw sticks now. But if you threw it sideways (like a frisbee) do you think it would still be a problem?
Gomez, I think that the lack of stimulation AND the firm establishment of 'this is what we do in the hallway for fun' in the halls has imprinted itself on her. Outside there are way too many interesting things to see and smell - distractions. I would toss the ball with a friend and play monkey in the middle - don't we all want something we can't have? When she sees the fun she might want to join in. Then only let her get it a few times and then end the game - leave her wanting more.
Gomez, are you in the United Kingdom or is there a UK province in Canada? I spent a part of my childhood growing up in London - so I am having visions of you playing with her in Hyde Park. Ahhh, the memories.

April 15th, 2006, 05:50 PM
Yikes, Phoenix! That sounds traumatic...

Soroush, if I throw a stick for gomez, he will just sit and chew it! He is a terrier after all, and he is bred to kill things, not bring them back and drop them at our feet! We actually try to discourage stick-chewing as they go right through him with unpleasant side-effects...! But, we did try taking a tennis ball today, which we don't do in the house....

We played monkey in the middle, Tenderfoot - it kept his attention as long as one of us had the ball, as soon as we let him get a catch in, he dropped it and walked away from it - he is so ODD! We will keep trying this method though as we at least got some interest!

What did you mean by "the lack of stimulation" ? Did you mean outside?

It's not that we mind too much that he doesn't want to play fetch outside, he does it plenty inside, it's just that he could be having so much more fun!

And yes, it is United Kingdom! Gomez is a proper little Norfolk lad!

April 15th, 2006, 08:23 PM
We have a Norfolk too! Aren't they great - such a wonderful sense of humor.
By lack of stimulation I meant that there really aren't any distractions in the hallway so its easier to entertain him there.
You could try to have him on a long leash as you play 'monkey in the middle' and so when he gets the ball he can't just take off and prove to you that he's in control of the game.
There is also that fact that playing ball just isn't as fun as investigating the world with his terrier nose.