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Just started having accidents in house.

April 13th, 2006, 11:37 AM
Hi everyone,

You're advice has been so great while raising Bart. You've helped through the Parvo, basic commands, crate training and nutrition. As a result we've taken a dog that may have been mistreated and he has learned that he can trust us and he has become very well socialized. He even got over his fear of riding in a car.

Bart is now just over 5 months old (we think). We've used crate training from the start when we got him from the shelter about 2 olds or so. It has worked perfectly. About 2 weeks ago we began to allow him to sleep on our bed overnight. We have had no problems with that.

Up until this past week, Bart never had an accident in the house. This past week he has pooped three times in the house. In every case it was during play time. He loves to chase a laser pointer dot, plastic bottle or his bone. He is a German Shepard/Husky mix and likes lots of activity. We take him out regularly as well as when he goes to the door or barks a little warning if he is in his crate.

After the first time we would take him out for a bathroom break after about 20 minutes of play as well as before we started play time. The last two times he simply stops in the middle of play and poops without warning.

Bart gets Wellness brand puppy food and filtered water. Still his stools are somewhat soft. The only change is that we are trying to offer him more time out of his crate. He now has access to the living room hall and main bedroom while he is out of his crate. Before he was limited to what ever room we were in. All of the accidents have happened while we were in the room with Bart. None of the accidents have been in the same place and oddly enough they've always been in the middle of the room.

Are we giving too much freedom too soon, expecting too much from the puppy, or ignoring something we should be doing?

Lucky Rescue
April 13th, 2006, 11:58 AM
Puppies are like toddlers. If they're having too much fun, they often don't want to stop for a bathroom break, so just go right where they are!:p

Also, activity gets things moving, so he probably got caught short with an "oopsie!".

You'll need to take him out maybe after only 10 minutes' play, instead of 20.

If he does have another accident, just ignore it and take him right outside while it's being cleaned up.