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Accused Pit Bull Wrongfully Pts

April 12th, 2006, 01:26 AM
:mad: Publication: The West Australian; Date:2006 Apr 07; Section:News; Page Number: 5
Accused pit bull wrongly put down


A case of mistaken identity has resulted in a beloved family pet being put down after it was placed in the care of the RSPCA.
Bullet, a five-year-old pit bull, was put in the care of the RSPCA after biting a police officer attending a domestic violence call-out at John Bagiatis’ Redcliffe home last week.
Mr Bagiatis said he had met the officers in the carport and warned them not to go into the backyard because the dog would bite them.
But he said the female officer was already through the gate and bitten by the dog by the time Mr Bagiatis looked around. She had serious puncture wounds on her hands and scratches to her chest and has not returned to work.
Mr Bagiatis was charged with being liable for a dog attack and Bullet was taken to the RSPCA’s Malaga shelter until the matter was resolved through the courts. He had been due to apply to a magistrate next week for Bullet’s return but received the bad news from police on Wednesday.
The RSPCA has apologised for the death of Bullet, which it claimed had been in a cage next to a pit bull with identical markings and due to be put be put down.
“Our veterinary staff are absolutely devastated by what has happened,” spokeswoman Emma-Jane Morcombe said. She said the RSPCA had apologised to Bullet’s owner.
Mr Bagiatis said his daughters were devastated because they did not get to say goodbye to their pet.
“How can you make a mistake like that?” he said. “They have killed an innocent dog.”

Premature death: Bullet, owned by John Bagiatis, below, was put down before his case was heard. Picture: Kerry Edwards