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insulin curve

April 9th, 2006, 08:40 AM
Ok, I have a recently diagnosed 13 year old diabetic male cat. He was started on 1 unit caninsulin almost 2 weeks ago. Follow up blood test( after 12 days) at six hours after a.m dose read 25. So he was upped to 2 units twice a day on Friday. Today I am supposed to do his curve, however I may have bumblingly missed his a.m dose, as he lurched a bit after I felt the needle "pop" in as it should:sad:
My question is this: Even if the dose is not yet at an ideal level, should I expect to see some reduction in his reading 2 hours after administration of the dose? I don't want to submit him to the ear pokig routine all day if I didn't manage to inject properly this morning ( in which case I expect no change in the number)? Maybe it is best to do the curve when I am 100% sure I didn't fumble. But then I have to wait till at least Wednesday, when I have the time. This is scary, as this morning's pre-insulin reading was 25! I fear for his kidneys!
What would you do?