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What are the side effects of Spaying?

December 13th, 2003, 03:32 PM
We got our 1 yr old pointer spayed on wednesday and she's been lying around most of the day.

She doesnt stretch her back legs, just her front.

And when she walks, they're a big stiff, and it doesn't look like she's got a good support when walking on the kitchen floors... or the living... or actually, any floors. they slide a bit more than usual.

my coworker was telling me that when they did the surgery, they also had to cut through some of the leg muscles...

and that later on when she'll be running, her leg(s) may pop out of their joints and I'll have to pop them back in (like when ppl crack their fingers).

What's the deal?

As necessary as spaying is, I don't want to see my Honey in any pain or difficulty!


Lucky Rescue
December 13th, 2003, 03:51 PM
Where on earth did your co-worker gets these ideas?:confused:

Spaying is majory abdominal surgery, and as such can be uncomfortable afterwards the same way it is for us. Spaying is easier on a lean healthy young dogs, but there is still discomfort and pulling from the tight stitches.

Keep your dog fairly quiet for about a week and make sure she does not lick her incision or bite the stitches out. Keep on eye on the incision and watch for infection - if it becomes very swollen, red or hot, call your vet.

Spaying does NOT cause any joints to "pop out"! If this ever happens to your dog, it will be completely unrelated to her spay. And don't ask your co-worker any more dog related questions.;)

December 13th, 2003, 04:40 PM
hahaha, thanx for that!!

oh, waaaait til this guy gets a smack across the head tonight @ the work christmas dinner! ;)

it also helped to call the vet, unfortunately, mine was closed.

so i called the Emergency Vet Clinic. Thank God for them!

she's gonna be alright if she doesn't get the side effects u did mention earlier, LR.

thanx again!! :D