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Dog with an attitude

December 13th, 2003, 10:45 AM
I'm writting about my 11 month old German Shepherd, when I let him outside ( I have a fenced in back yard ) he barks at everything and anything. I think he likes the sound of his voice, and when I go outside to bring him in, he runs away from me. He will not come to me to bring him in the house, this could happen at midnight or at 6:00am in the morning.
#1 How do I get my dog not to bark at everything and anything.
#2 How do I get my dog to come to me, i've tried food, i've tried soft voice, i've tried kneeling and waiting, i've tried his leash.

Please i'm at my wits end, I've had about 3 hours of sleep due to this ongoing problem.
I've had him in training classes and he's not attentive, he barks and cries at the other dogs because he wants to play, therefore does not pay attention to commands. ( he gets the spray bottle alot !!)

Lucky Rescue
December 13th, 2003, 11:29 AM
First of all, stop leaving your puppy out all night. German Shepherds are natural guardians, so he barks at any unfamiliar noises as he feels he is defending his territory.
Here's a bunch of links on dealing with barking.
Barking (

Here is an article on why backyard dogs have more problems:
Backyard dogs (

You have a high energy young dog of a working breed. He needs a lot of exercise, and a job to do - which could be obedience, agility, tracking, etc. Leaving a dog like this out in the backyard is not going to work and his behaviour will not improve.

How much time do you spend exercising him?

Here is another article about teaching a recall:
Recall (

You need to take this dog back to obedience classes, and practice. German Shepherds are intelligent and willing dogs, and can learn just about anything.

Here is a very good page on GSDs and their needs!

December 13th, 2003, 11:42 AM
You took the dog to an obedience class and this still happens? HMmm well how long ago was the class and did you continue to keep up the training at home with the dog?

Sounds like your dog just loves to run and play. Do you spend time in the yard with the dog? How often do you go for walks or to a park where the pooch can interact with other dogs/people and explore? Sounds like a case of the 'I am bored' theory!

Ever have really bad weather and you can't go outside and it lasts for days...they call it cabin fever if it's a snow storm. Well dogs can get that way too if they aren't given what they need.

The barking in the yard, does the dog bark when you go on walks?

Until you can get into a training program, get a 'long' lead, a training lead to use. Don't let the dog off the lead in the yard...walk around and play together. Get some balls and toys. Encourage him to bring them back to you, give lots of love and praise when he does. Treats certainly help here.

Do the same for the barking. Call him, encourage him to come (remember he's on lead) when he comes, say good boy ..praise praise praise lots of hugs and pats and a treat. Repeat this on going positive reinforcement.

Also, do you have any neighbours with larger dogs so that the two of them can play together?

YOU CAN DO IT!! Just takes the right method and repeating it. The dog is trying to outsmart you! ;)

December 13th, 2003, 03:19 PM
My question is,have you had him as a puppy?Yes I know he still is one.But how long have you had him?I have 2 GSD.They are 7 now.I spent every day training them when they were pups.They are a highly intelligent breed and easily to train.I have never had a problem with them at all.The only thing I can add to what Luba said is when he barks you can try using the word "enough"..Please take the time to spend quallity time to train him.This all should have started when he was younger.And please take a look at the sites LR posted.

One thing I must say is alot of people think that they are working breeds.Yes they do work.But they are listed under catagory 7 which is Hearding.

December 14th, 2003, 05:35 PM
Oh lucky rescue, you are trully brilliant. that GDS web site is just brilliant, it is totally dedicated to the breed. so terrie, get moving, it is a great one i to have a boootiful shepherd and they are such learners, but yes they seem to have attitude prob occassionally.. i have a girl who if told to do something she doesnt like she actually groans at me whilst doing it. if she is in the way or being a pain and i tell her to go anbd sit somewhere, she gives me a look and she will throw herself down with a big hhumph literally, now that is attitude. thanks LR that is a good one. :D :D