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Neighbours again

April 5th, 2006, 05:23 PM
Does anyone remember my thread about my neighbours and their poison ivy way back. There such nice neighbours I am so lucky to have them.

So in our front yard is a rope fence - that I assumed the landscapers put there. But then I found out that are neighbour didnt like them stepping on his precious grass (and as usual today he is the first person this season to cut his grass)

So I see the wife/mom at school today and she asks how I like my new fence - I'm like what new fence. "Well the fence we put up so your landscapers dont trample on our grass" (picture hands on hips and head tilting side to side)- oh my gawd its freakin grass and your kids and you are walking all over our grass everyday.

Now here is part two - I am looking at the backyard with my kids - and I hear the daughter that had the poison ivy way back when say mommy can I go see their yard now, and the mom says sure just ask first. So my reply was well I just can;t risk another case of poison ivy I would just feel awful if it happened a third time. :evil: