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intravenous hydration

April 5th, 2006, 04:02 PM
I have a sick kitten and he may need to go into the vet tonight to get rehydrated intravenously. I am waiting for my vet to call back at the moment but am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? Does the kitten get better right away? How long will he be rehydrated for? Any info would be much appreciated!

April 5th, 2006, 04:47 PM
I only did subcutaneous fluid once, to a very old cat. I was told cats' skin is more stuck to their inner tissues than dogs, so you have to move the needle around, and it creates little pouches of solution under the skin. It took us about an hour, and by the end of the hour, the pouches were still there.

Keep in mind, this vet wasn't great (closer to a butcher than a vet), so I doubt if it was done right. :o But that's my experience with it anyway.

April 5th, 2006, 05:32 PM
Me too, I almost fainted at the size of the needle. If you have a choice, go for the IV. Takes longer, but easier on your kitty.

April 5th, 2006, 06:18 PM
Well I just got it done, vet called right after I posted this and I took him in right away. I'm not actually sure if it was iv or subcutaneous fluid, what's the difference? It didn't take long. Mind you he only weighs .64kg at this point so it's not like they put much in him. I didn't look, I usually have a pretty strong stomach but needles make me nauseous. I also have more medication for him. Now he is on 6 different medications, plus I have to give him rice water, feed him 6 times/day, and make sure he drinks water and makes it to the litter to do his business. I just hope something he's on makes him better soon. Okay 15 mins has passed so I have to go give him more meds now :(

April 5th, 2006, 06:42 PM
IV would be done with a bag of fluids while Sub cutaneous is an injection into the basement membrane underneath the skin or the sub cutaneous layer. It will create little pouches of fluid and the injection fluid used is usually saline which is a sterile water substitute.

Did you vet tell you the percentage of water loss that your kitty experienced? What is the medication he/she gave you?

There is not an animal out there that will let itself starve so your kitty will eat even if you are having problems at first so don;t get discouraged. Rice water? Did your kitty also have a Digestive tract problem?

You did the right thing by going SC route as the emotional trauma of having your kitty sit there stressed out at the clinic while someone pumped IV slowly into him may have been too much.

Good luck!

April 5th, 2006, 06:52 PM
He just rehydrated with a catheter most likely into both sides of the stomach. Been there and done that but the last one was not effective. Sounds like your little gaffer is struggling. Sorry about that.

April 5th, 2006, 07:12 PM
We don't know what's wrong with him at this point the vet thinks parasites although he tested negative for them. He has had really bad diarrhea for a few days which is why he is so dehydrated. He is now on fenbendazole, metronidazole, homeopathic anti-diarrhea granules (first 3 ingredints belladonna, carbo vegetable, chamomilla....), mannanoligosaccarides, probitics, digestive enzymes, and peptobismol. He's on a diet of blended boiled chicken and rice water. I was having to force feed him canned food but the boiled chicken he will eat on his own as long as I put it right in front of him. I don't know how dehydrated he was she didn't say. Right now we are just trying to get his diarrhea to stop, I don't know what we will do if it doesn't stop by tomorrow. I think the only thing he isn't being treated for is tapeworm, I'm not sure why. I'm guessing that may be the next route if nothing else works.

April 5th, 2006, 10:15 PM
As far as I've read, cats can reach a certain point of starvation and then just give up, no matter how much you try to help them. It was also re-established by Iams in one of their horrible tests. Nothing they did could revive the kitties they starved.

Good luck, Kayla! :fingerscr

April 6th, 2006, 09:53 AM
Well he seems to have a bit more life in him this morning. He is now wandering around my desk when yesterday he hardly even walked, and he was even playing for a few minutes! He is still pretty lethargic but I think he is over the worst of whatever it is he had :) :):)