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Things you notice about your pet that make you realize you've raised a good furbaby

jesse's mommy
April 3rd, 2006, 08:27 PM
I was sitting here with Jesse and she apparently found a piece of a treat from before and started chewing on it. I noticed she had something and asked her what she had. She then stopped chewing and just waiting for me to stick my hand in her mouth to get it out. Then I inspected it, gave it back to her and she took it nicely from me.

So here's my list:

1. Knowing that I can take anything away from my dog while she is eating, playing, or chewing on her nummies.
2. Knowing that when I say settle, she actually stops what she is doing.
3. Knowing that I can hold a Cheerio in my lips and she will take it from me so gently that I never have to worry about an accidental nip.
4. Knowing that she totally trusts us with every aspect of her life -- she shows it when she is sleeping on us, complete relaxation.

I hope to hear more lists...

April 3rd, 2006, 09:40 PM
What a cute thread!

1. Knowing that I can put food on or around Dodger and he will not take it until I say so
2. Knowing that I can leave anything lying around the house and not worry he'll be destructive
3. Knowing that I can ask anything of him and he'll always give me 100% - even when he is unsure, he trusts me enough to listen no matter what (I'm thinking of the agility see-saw!)
4. Knowing that he'd rather cuddle a cat then chase one
5. Knowing that a simple "excuse me" will get him to move out of anybody's way

April 3rd, 2006, 09:54 PM
1. their fur is shinier and healthier than most people's rabbits... (ok, that's not so much a personality thing... but it's true).
2. little kids run up and grab my dog and my dog doesn't even react...
3. my dogs change how other people feel about dogs (especially about shelter dogs).
4. my dogs know me so well that they're two steps ahead of me.
5. I can cut my dogs' nails without getting bitten.
6. they come face to face with a cat on the street and still come when I call them.

April 3rd, 2006, 11:43 PM
LOL! these are great things you have all achieved with your dogs!

Lucy is only 3 months old so I can't say she's a "GOOD DOG" yet!

My only significant achievement is:

- I can put my finger on her mouth and she'll open her mouth to show me what's in there. Then I can easily reach inside and grab a piece of yummy treat from her teeth without her even trying to close her mouth!

It shocks people!

other than that she's still a handfull and a half!

April 4th, 2006, 11:57 AM
1-Regardless of where me and Kita go, she will lay at my feet no matter how many other dogs may be around
2- Visits to the vet are actually relaxing for the both of us, Kita will let the vet poke and examine her with out a slight flinch
3-Regardless of where she is in the feild one command she sits,lays down, stops ect.
4-when the cats go to investigate Kitas food at dinner time, she will just give them a loving lick and let them sniff,(not eat however, she will gently nudge them agay)
5- Travels like an :angel: with the T-roof off the car and windows fully down, she will not stand up or hang out the window. She is content watching the scenery go by
6-This one is my absolute favorite: When i am babysitting and we are out on a walk if someone she knows comes up to talk to the baby she will stand firmly between the stroller and the stranger and get to know them first, once she "feels" they are no threat then they may touch and talk to the baby. Kita will just lay off to the side!
7-All of this with out any schooling of any kind, just learnt this from everyday life. I honestly cant even say that I have had to spend countless hours training her, she just has a strong desire to please and I feel she respects me as I do her. When she does make a mistake (garbage a few times) just saying "no" and saying "out" she will go and lay by the door (kinda her own little time out) Then as if to come to appologize she brings her toy over after a few minutes and wants to play. Shes one GOOD GURL!!!

April 5th, 2006, 08:02 AM
wow hunter is not obedient in the least yet but I can say that the way he'll come to me so we can take naps together shows me that i must be doing a pretty good job at earning his trust!

He's also nipping at me less. He'll come up to me with a chew toy already in his mouth and lay on me or next to me, happily gnawing at the toy and being content with me petting him.

The way he follows me so close when we are out for walks that it would make no difference if I didn't use the leash.

As far as my cats go, I know I've done a good job at raising them because they have never scratched anyone or anything - not hunter (who still chases them around) not strangers (even Twister, who is super timid, will not scratch - only hiss - a stranger who starts carrying her), not the vet, and not me - no matter what I'm doing. The way they know the "out" command when I want them out of the bedroom, and the way they are respectful about jumping on my belly or my lap (they stop by my arm and wait for me to invite them on top of me instead of just jumping on me). The way they make the extra effort to NOT dig their nails onto me no matter how little balance they may be having at the moment.

April 5th, 2006, 08:16 AM
1) People who come to my door and are greeted with her barks and growls are always amazed that I can get her to sit or lie down and stop making noise.
2) My children can remove toys from her mouth with ease (heck, she practically throws her ball at them).
3) She can be anywhere in the yard (or out of it, for that matter) with cats or bunnies or other dogs distracting her, and she will always come at my whistle.
4) I can put anything in her food dish - scraps of hamburger, bacon, whatever - and she will sit calmly (salivating slightly, of course) and wait for my signal before moving in to eat.
5) When having dinner with guests, I can send her away from the table with a gesture and a command (of course, this always wins her a bit of leftovers;) ).

April 5th, 2006, 08:39 AM
1.The way my 3 cats line up to get their collars put on,knowing we are going outside.
2.How when we decide it's time to go back in,they like little soldiers run in,one by one.
3.How when 5.30pm comes along,they tell me,get off time to eat!!:D
4.How they mysteriously know,I am cleaning the floor and wake up,to put their design on the not yet dry floor:D
5.How they LOVE to read the paper with me in the morning:D
6.How they love to greet all visitors,leaving a bit of white,black and tabby-fur on their pantlegs!
7.How Rocky,my smartest boy,covers his food with a blanky so Vinnie won't eat it,does not work by the way!!:D
8.How they love us and show it every day,with kisses,head-butts,purring etc..

April 5th, 2006, 08:41 AM
My 2 year old can walk him with me beside him, and he does not take advantage.
He has no dominant issues ( even being attacked a couple times before)
He is an absolute cuddler, even though you are not supposed to, he actually asks for it.
ANYONE can take anything away from him withought an issue
He shares his dry food with the cat. Cat steals it while he is eating.
Most but definetly not the least he is a great ambassidor of this breed, and shows it to people everyday with his love and training.
When we go to the vet, people line up to give him belly rubs. LOL, he is on his back sleeping waiting for his turn.
PSSSSST how many dogs feel that comfortable at a vet. Harleys second home, always has been
I love him more and more everyday