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The runs..........

March 31st, 2006, 11:04 PM
ok, so I've read all the info about protein % 's in dog food, and gone through alot of lists and dog food ratings. But I really don't know what to feed my boxer.
Right now, he's on Nutram Lamb and Rice. What's good about it? It has NO corn. It doesn't give my dog the runs. He looks healthy and happy, and has a shiny coat and white teeth.
But it disturbs me that it's not one of the highest rated dog foods. Also, I worry that he's not getting enough variety of meat, Nutram Lamb and Rice only has lamb meat in it (duh!), and I've read that you should find a dog food that has at least 3 meat sources. Also, the rice ingredients are seperated in 2 (rice bran and rice flour...or something like that), which means that it's probably the first ingredient. Not good, right? So I've been supplementing his diet with tuna or salmon (canned). My dad told me I should stop feeding the canned tuna and salmon because it has alot of toxins in it. So I'm thinking maybe it's time to switch to a food that has at least 3 meat sources.
Here's where the problem comes in : all the other foods I've tried have given Busteroo the runs.
I know I'll be told that I have to get the dog acustomed to the food, that that's the reason for the impossible-to-pick-up poopies -- but everytime I've tried a different food, I've always given it over a month (I usually buy a HUGE bag...)
So I've tried Wellness and every flavor of Eagle Pack. Buster would poo like 17 times a day on each of those foods. I'm thinking he might have alergies. I know he doesn't digest corn, but could he be allergic to another ingredient in those foods? How do you pin point an allergy?
Is Buster the only one who gets the runs on most high-grade, all natural doggy kibble?

April 1st, 2006, 12:03 AM
Boxers are just a bit odd. My brother's boxer can't eat any of the foods that I would consider feeding to my dog without getting horrible gas.

If your dog is thriving on what you are feeding it, there is nothing that says you HAVE to change his food. While ingredients are important, what is most important is the condition of your dog.

April 1st, 2006, 12:46 AM
I wouldn't change foods if he's doing well on it. I'd just supplement with different things. Maybe some canned food, maybe some chicken or other meat that you cook any particular day, plus maybe some veg too.

With sensitive dogs sometimes you have to go with what works best rather than what you like best.