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Back Talking

March 31st, 2006, 12:19 PM
Should I stop this behaviour or just let him blow off steam?

Everyday when I leave for work or leave the house for any reason this happens. My Pom tries to push his little body against the door in hopes that he will slip out and I will let him come with me. I always say "no you stay here" the girls are fine with this and they go find a spot on the couch or in my bed, but Wolf freaks! He runs back away from the door looks right at me and has a barking episode, he barks so hard that he jumps back as he does this. This goes on for maybe 10 seconds or so and then he just watches me leave, not another sound and he doesn't try to run out and come with me. He is almost 4 and we have had him for almost a year now, its like he is a bratty little kid who is pissed off and having a temper tantrum! I just ignore him and leave, am I doing the right thing or should I try and stop this behavior?


toby's tracy
April 1st, 2006, 06:53 AM
I was having a problem with Toby barking his head off at our new apartment everytime I left. Now what I do is I give him a kong stuffed with treats before I leave. It keeps him focused on something else instead of my departure and there is no more barking as I leave. I found that by trying to make it stop through verbal commands or some other kind of attention just made it worse.

It's worth a shot!