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Lost Golden Retriever "Sandy"

March 29th, 2006, 05:47 PM
Nyack, NY - I found this site while searching for my dog - she has been missing since last night and we have had no luck so far in finding her. She is an 8 year old golden retreiver named Sandy. Unfortunately, she didn't have her collar on because my daughter had given her a bath. She only had her pink nylon choker. She somehow got out of the house last night while I was at work and I assumed she was sleeping in my daughter's room when I got home. We have been looking for her all day and have contacted shelters and vet hospitals. If anyone has any information, please, please help us. I don't know how to put up a picture but when I figure it out I will. Thank you so much - Kat

March 29th, 2006, 05:54 PM
i know how you feel... just went through this trauma this morning with my 5-mth old puppy, she went missing for 5 long hours... she ended up finding her way to the dogsitter's house and waited on his doorstep until he came home from work... i don't know how she managed to avoid getting hit by a car or a bus. dogs seem to be alot smarter than we think, i was told to canvass the neighborhood to leave a scent mark she could follow home, bring a favorite squeaky toy, etc... many dogs make their way back home... but put up posters offering REWARD$$, plaster all over the place, they do help...
i hope to hear good news soon, your hearts must be breaking. i will pray for her safe return.

March 29th, 2006, 06:21 PM
You should also visit the shelters to make sure she is not there. Good luck finding her. I can't imagine how you are feeling right now.

Where is Nyack, N.Y.

March 29th, 2006, 06:38 PM
Have you tried the lost pets web site or Pet Detecive - there are some excellent ideas - more than I can enumerate here - for finding pets. Unless a pet has been stolen or something worse has occured (and I pray that is not the case here, and usually most pets missing do show up soon when the ownedr puts as many resources and as much time as s/he can!), your pooch may not be too far away.

One of the pet detective sites recommended creating a grid for a thorough search. Also, do the usual things - posters, ads in the newspapers, call; EVERY local rescue shelter often and with animal control whether it is operated by contract by the SPCA/Humane Society or directly by your municiapl govt, actually go there since what you say to them may not be intrepted by the person on the other end of the phone (often an overworked volunteer) in the manner in which you intended. Ask local rescues and newspapers if they will post a picture as a courtesy. Most will and our local paper will post lost pets' pix for free. And yes, rewards work tho some professional pet finders recommend say not to mention the amt of the reward - find some children in your neighbourhood and have them go door to door if you have to. That is if you live in a residential area where it is safe for them to do that - not to suggest where you live may be unsafe but some fine condo developments etc are built in the trend to downtown develpment where that really is not an option. The poster should be one that can be seen (hot pink of one of those VERY VISIBLE colours - make it stand out!!!)

(Never give up with the posters - a close friend found her cat - who she lost in a car accident 200 miles from her home b/c the cat freaked and "flew" out of the vehicle. She kept placing posters and someone had been feeding her cat and someone saw it and contacted her. An amazing story - recently , the same thing occured with somone who lost their dog in another province! So they do work!!! (But I do hope you find your dog soon, like most ppl!)
Also, call Call your communit,provincial (county if you live in the US - counties seem to have more power there), and state road crews, DOT as well to see if there have been any accidents invo,lving dogs. My vet tells me that( sadly!) this action is second only to posters in finding pets.

I know more about finding cats (I have never fortunately ever lost a dog) but dogs if friendly - and most dogs typically are (alas, we cannot tell them like we tell our human children not to talk to strangers) tho often animals have a good sense of who is good and who is not but you need to ensure every avenue is persued. If the dog is microchipped, check that out. What about name tags? Does it include your phone number? (In response to the debate about whether to include a pet's name on his or her collar, I placed my phone number since pets who hear their names may assume the person is OK to follow. Others believe the opposite - that the name of the pet is critical. My view is since my cats live indoors and do out only on a leash or in their stroller, (but accidents occur!), the only reason for placing info on a collar is in case they get lost so my phone number is what someone will find. (Plus, anyone trying to grab my meezer will hear yowling for many kilometers!). Ohhhh -= just reread your post re collar, sorry!!!!

In your own home

Is your dog is out a lot, is there a place she especially likes?

Do not assume she is outside.Check every nook and cranny in your home - you would be amazed where some pets are found.Look behind, under, and inside washing machines, clothes dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and dish washers. Look behind water heaters, in boxes, under furniture, under beds, in closets, in cabinets, in shelves and bookcases, in drain pipes, in sewer drains, in culvert pipes, under vehicles, in crawl spaces under the house, inside sheds and outside structures like that, EVERYWHERE!

While looking, take her fav food with you and rattle it so she hears you - call her name loudly over and over. Too,make any other noise that your pet is familiar with.

Place strong-scented articles outside your home to attract your pet. Animals find their way by scent as well as sound. Old socks of yours, that kind of thing.

Go to every imaginable pet site that lists lost dogs and place her info there! (Ex - (The best one I know of tho Cat in the Bag is also great for lost cats!)

Good luck - I hope your find your beloved family member!!!

jesse's mommy
March 29th, 2006, 07:38 PM
She's beautiful. I hope you find her. I'm sure you will get lost of advice from people here. Put up posters everywhere you can. Call some local vets offices and also go to the shelters and don't just call them. A lot of times they are so overwhelmed that they don't really give you the right information you are asking for. If you go there you'll be able to look for yourself and leave a picture for them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer you find her soon. :fingerscr :angel: