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Diagnosing Lucas Part II - Congestive Heart Failure?

March 28th, 2006, 08:38 AM
Lucas was suspected of having lung cancer (which is not entirely ruled out) but after yesterday's appointment, my vet now suspects Congestive Heart Failure. He thinks it is a complication of Luke's FIV diagnosis in 1999.

Luke had a new set of x-rays done which showed no change from last week. Then we decided to do an ultrasound. It appears there is fluid buildup (sponge-like, not pockets) around the heart and "something' in his left ventricle.

The vet put him on Lasix, kept him on his Clavamox but added Baytril and took him off Prednisone. We are continuing his insulin injections at 1 unit/2x daily.

The vet is hopeful because he treating another cat with it and this cat has lived a number of years already with CHF. CHF obviously isn't a good thing but it is more treatable than lung cancer.

Luke's systems are rapid breathing and spells of snorting/wheezing but no real coughing. His appetite is good, he is alert and affectionate and continues to groom himself. (Although he does seem to feel worse at night). He's finally started drinking water but I rarely see him in the litter pan (?!)

Has anyone else dealt with a cat with CHF? I would like to hear your story!

March 28th, 2006, 07:35 PM
Ask your vet about trying a homeopathic called Apis 30c. It has had considerable success in correcting several of the symptoms your cat has. Sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Coenzyme Q10, hawthorne extract and Vitamin E along with acupuncture( have also had some excellent results for pets with congestive heart failure . If your vet is not holistically inclined, you may be somewhat limited as to what could be offered to your cat along the remedial line(