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'So, How's Business?"

March 28th, 2006, 07:18 AM
Some of you know, I am looking for sales reps all this week I have been interviewing people at the office for the position. It's so funny to see the people in person and how some people they to come off as intelligent business people or they give off the impression, I don't give a damm my UI is running out and I need a job!

Monday I had an interview at 1:00 with this lady, I went out to lunch at 12:00, the lady shows up half an early for the appoitment with her young children! The receptionsit calls me on the cell telling me my appoitment is early, I rush back to the office to see her kids crawling on the floor and asking the receptionsit for her highlighters so they can color! During the interview, the lady says, I don't like sales quotas actually I don't like sales I want a customer service position! (No, I am not hiring her-waste of my time)

Another lady shows up for the sales position, great lady she speaks English and Spanish fluently has very good experience. She says, by the way I know you are hiring now but I am going away starting April for two months for my daughters wedding!!! What is the point of her coming in the interview if she leaves next week? (I will put her in my call backs for future postions)

The funniest story, yesterday a lady shows up early for her interview my desk was a mess. So I tell the receptionist to tell her sit down in the lobby and I will get her in a minute. The lady says, "I will stand because I want to grow" She refuses to sit down then she taps her fingers on the wall. She sees my co-worker at his desk working, she yells across the room and says "So How's Business?" The guy looks up at her, wanting to laugh and says Business is fine by yelling across the room!!! When I bring her in my office, she looks at me and says, "Well aren't you awfully young to be a Manager in this company?" I wanted to laugh but I just ignored her comment.

Today I have couple of more interviews, I just hope they are good candidates who want to do sales. (The ad clearly says Sales Position)

March 28th, 2006, 08:53 AM
I also started running businesses very young; he's a few to empathize with you:

1. I was running a supermarket in my early 20's when a salesman walked into the back room and saw me working at my desk that was filled with papers and bills and he says to me: " Are your parents here?" He lost the sale.

2. Same supermarket. I asked for the optional picture with their CV for cashier work, the guy tacks on a pic of him lying down on one side with one knee bent in a playboy pose. He got the job ;)

3. One guy wrote that he was fluent in three languages: French, English and Klingon.

4. I was working for a company owned by IBM and was interviewing graphic artists. One guy/s opening line was: I don't really want this job but I'll do the interview.

March 28th, 2006, 09:10 AM
I can believe that women would bring her kids to the interview - even if am only dropping off resumes - kids stay home or I get a babysitter. :eek:

Although the last interview I had the employer brought their kids - but I did get the job- so I didnt mind at all.:D

March 28th, 2006, 09:13 AM
WOW...:eek: a lot of interesting folks out there, eh? :crazy: :troll: :clown: LOL

I'm so happy I work from home. :D

March 28th, 2006, 11:00 AM
Poodletalk, I'm really torn between hoping you have great candidates and wanting to hear more stories !! :)

March 28th, 2006, 12:00 PM
hmmm... Maybe I should apply. Whenever I apply, there's always at least a dozen better than me, so maybe I'll bring a flurry of great people for the job.:D I'm kidding. Well... Maybe not. I apply for jobs that are way out of my realm just in case they are lacking enough to hire me. (It's rare that they're lacking enough, unless it's a job like killing 200 monkeys for $10/hr...).

Good luck. Have fun... I mean, with all these dorks, you could learn to be the top interviewer of all time.

March 28th, 2006, 02:20 PM
I have done a zillion interviews in my life too and it is amazing what ppl will do and say - even top execs and doctors!! People I expect would have learned somewhere along the way how to act in public is what i mean by that, lol

One senior admin from a western city made very disparaging remarks about her city - crossed her off right away. One told me he - in response to why he wanted the position (a nursing position) that he "needed a job", duh!! Several lied on the CV's - I could not believe that, pun intended!!!! One in fact managed to have top medical posts in BC for 17 yrs but lasted less than 6 mos in the Maritimes before he was discovered - a real sociopath!

One non English speaker who was appplying for a psychiatric post did nor comprehend when he was doing a locum so we could observe his skills (but he was well supervised!) assumed a woman needed to be placed on a 72 hr hold because she had butterflies in her stomach", a common Maritime expression for being nervous.

Several list every thing they ever did in their life - I don't have time to read those resumes so they do not get read!! Unless they might have a great commanding cover letter!! The best interviwees went to see things in the community ,did their research and understood not just the org but the place. And I have seen some deplorable CV's, even amg the best qualified ppl!!!

Oh --- one woman seeking a sr health admin post told one of the recuiting committee (who was CEO if a major company here in Canada) that he was "the apple boy" b/c he had once delivered apples to her for someone - he has a summer home in NS, lol That was hilarious!! (She did not get the job!)

And one fellow lectured us and as a resume offered up what his company PR(he was a CEO) said about him. I don't care what one does, you still need to offer a valid CV!!!!

One woman accepted a significant post and then said "oh my hsuband does not want to move", well why make us go thru that if that was the case - I think something occured in the meantime.

And as a school board Chair, one of our questions (not the most imporatant but clearly we are hoping they are reading educational material, right?) was what books they had recently read and one listed Danielle Steele (Gasp!!!!). I mean - if it were me, I'd list the medical journal artciles that had most interested me of late. I used to test the teacher's French ability and OMG, here were teachers applying to teach French Immersion and their French had so many Anglicisms and the worst accent that we could not possibly hire them for that. I do not know why they applied!

I could go on but I know what you are going thru, life is so amazing!!! You wonder -what were they thinking????

March 28th, 2006, 02:45 PM
What kind of sales are you looking for?, and where abouts ?