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Cat walks and pees

December 6th, 2003, 01:36 AM

I am in deparate need of advice. I rescued 2 elderly cats - one male, one female - this past July. They are great. However, soon after their arrival in my home I noticed tiny puddles of urine around the litter box. I assumed because the cats are older that one of them was having trouble making it to the box on time.

One day I caught the problem in action: the male was squating in the box but was failing in his aim to keep his stream inside the box. Seeing as the problem wasn't correcting itself and my wood floors were not dealing with it well I decided to buy a covered litter box. I got one of those large booda dome liter boxes that also had steps to keep liter from being tracked.

Soon after, the problem got worse. I found that my cat would begin urinating inside the dome but would continue to pee while walking out of the box. His stream would shoot into the entrance of the box and all over the front of the dome. Now there were not only puddles outside the dome but the exterior was wet. Once I got tired of cleaning that up twice a day I switched back to my old traditional open litter box. I now have a tarp-like thing that I put under the litter box as a kind of place-mat that I change every two days and I've been experimenting with different litter brands and the problem only seems to get worse.

A few more things - it is only the male that is doing this. The female has had no problem and has even been great with all the litter changing, etc.
-Yes, the male is neutered.
-The plumber in my building has to come by to remove a pipe in my floor and was not able to fill in the hole right away. In the meantime there was basically a 1' pit with rock-like pieces of broken cement. Until it was filled in and re-tiled, the male cat would poop and pee in it.

Because they are rescues I have no info on their previous homelife, habits, or behavior. Any help would be much appreciated!

Lucky Rescue
December 6th, 2003, 10:36 AM
The very first thing you must do is take this cat to a vet. Neutered males often have urinary problems, including infections, and with an elderly male in particular - he may very well have a medical problem that is causing him to do this!

And THANK YOU for adopting older cats!!! Let us know what the vet says.:)