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Cat mating during pregnancy

March 23rd, 2006, 09:36 PM

I have a pair of cats - male and female (both intact).
The female is currently pregnant (almost due), her pregnancy appeared to be normal in every respect. She is eating and behaving as usual, seems to be in perfect health.
However, I'm really concerned about her behaviour. About half-way into her pregnancy she started mating again. And this week, with just a few days left till delivery, she's mating again!:confused: Is this normal?:confused: Has anyone seen this before?
I know cats ovulate, wehn stimulated, so does my cat's behaviour mean that she's having "parallel" pregnancies?:eek: If this is possible, are there any potential consequences to her or her unborn kittens? What will happen at delivery?

Please help! I would appreciate any information.

Thank you,


March 23rd, 2006, 09:39 PM
Cats can mate at multiple times, including after giving birth, however since all the cats I've ever owned have been SPAYED, I don't have first hand knowledge. I would consider calling your vet just to be on the safe side, or a breeder you know and trust.

March 23rd, 2006, 11:40 PM
Cats go into heat cycles several times a year and thus can go into one even while still nursing their new kittens!!! Since pregnancy is one way to end the heat cycle - and all the suffering your kitty feels as she experiences it (It is very stressful and exhausting for a Queen (female cat) to go through!- it is theoretically not possible for a cat to actually go into heat while pregnant. That said, my vet has had one case where a woman brought in her pregnant cat for a checkup and the cat exhibited quite clearly characteristics of a cat in heat - and the pregnancy was normal - ie, ultrasound was fine, kittens were progressing well, mama was doing well if eating a little less but she was exhibiting at least four of the characteristics we associate with estrus such as placing her hind in the air and elevating her hips, seeking more affection than was the norm for her, meowing VERY loudly (and she was not a meezer) and placing her tail in that unique quivering way cats do in heat. It was most perplexing - from a vet standpoint it could not have been heat but the symptoms were there. It may have been simply similar to estrus but she (my vet) did find it most unusual and a bit unerving. (Though she was not quite ready to report this to any significant journal though were the kitty in heat, no dount it might have deserved such, lol

The short answer is no; a pregant cat should not be in heat!!! The heat cycle ends with her pregnancy tho it begins VERY quickly so you should have her spayed as soon as her kittens no longer need her there for them (about 8-12 weeks), 12 certainly if she is a purebred. Most breeders prefer 12 though many rescue centers will allow kittens to go to new homes ay eight weeks and that is the legal requirement but those four extra weeks can help. I still see 8 week old kittens as large preemies - kind of akin to human babies born at 8 months instead of nine - given that we now see preemies born at just barely viable and we are able to keep them alive!!!! (We debate this so much on our ehtics committee- are we doing the right thing if the baby is just viable - and almost certain to have serious llnesses and some defecits later in life, sometimes even in childhood. It is a quandary to be sure!
I am biased tho - I was a preemie myself, lol - and while I point out to my friends that well, I turned out alright, they tease me by questioning that observation, lol Hmmpph, ;)