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addison's disease

March 23rd, 2006, 01:53 PM
my dog pebbles was diagnosed with addisons 9yrs ago and has done well since on florinef and prednisone, until 2 months ago,when we had to put our other pet a 13 yrs old border collie and pebbles best friend.we went on holidays right after this happened and took pebbles with us.Pebbles did not do well I increased her prednisone and really tried to baby her,but when we returned home I took her to the vet because she was tremorous still. Her electrolytes and ratio were fine,but the vet said her BUN and creatinine were very elevated indicating renal failure when I questioned her regarding her addisons she said everything was fine,needless to say 100's of dollars later bloodwork ,iv fluids hospitalization etc Pebbles is now at home. Her BUN and creatinine are down but she continues to be tremorous,I increased both her meds++ with good results,she still is tremorous at times but it is 100% better. On doing some research i read that sometimes addisons crisis can mimic renal failure,has anyone heard this before? and now do I wean her steroids,she is 12yrs old on a low protein diet and hating it,and I just want her to be comfortable.