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My cat - claw bleeding

March 22nd, 2006, 03:59 AM
Hello All, I'm new here, my name is Derek. Sorry if this may be the wrong forum section.

My cat got into a my bass drum head with a ported hole in it, he was going through it and got stuck half way, so he got scared and jumped around and I realized there are blood marks on the bass drum head, so I looked at his claws on his right leg and I do see that he was bleeding.

Though blood is involved, there wasn't much. I stopped bleeding almost instantly and I took 2 pieces of paper towel, one wet and one dry, to clean it, first cleaned with the wet then the dry.

he's walking fine, but I can see the little ackward movements, I didn't put on any bandaid because I thought it would bother him more, nor did I wet his leg to clean out the blood because I know water will freak him out more.

I highly doubt the nail got into his paw, I see he is hurt, but not an emergency.

So my question is what should I do for his wound?