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house breaking a new puppy

December 1st, 2003, 01:33 PM
Me again...

Just a quick couple questions (because I don't want to expect too much from my puppy but don't know anything about how long this should take)....what is the average length of time it takes to house train a puppy? Does it differ by breed?

We (my puppy - KONA - , my spouse and I) are also in a special situation (I think). Kona's left testicle has not fully decended yet (he was born on Sept. 18th, 2003 - so he's about 2.5months). The vet seems to think it is stuck in his abdomen but is keeping a watch on it...he said that it really isn't too important until we are neutering him. But I'm wondering if this could affect house training. For example, if the testicle were pushing on his bladder (much like a pregnant woman's fetus pushes on her bladder) could this be affecting his bladder size? Does this make sense? Just wondering 'cause I have no idea how long it will take for him to learn to go outside and have heard every number imaginable from other people. But this is more for my sanity rather that pushing him to go outside - I actually enjoy our morning walks.

I do have one question about walking though. We take KONA out 3x a day. Is this too much? He often seems like he doesn't want to walk as we have to pull him, or bribe him with treats to get him started walking. He also starts to bite at our legs about 1/2 way through the walk (sometimes earlier depending on his mood). This mornnig he bit so hard he broke skin. Does this mean that he doesn't want to be walking, or should I just be ignoring / trying to extinguish this behaviour by telling him bad?

Thanks you guys (Luba & Carina), you are always a great help and I really trust your advice. By-the-way, I saw you advice to Pooh (with the really sick dog) about opening a bank account for the little family member (for when emergencies come up). I think that is a wonderful idea - I had never thought of before. My spouse and I are both students, and are often tight in the financial area (although this will NEVER compromise our puppies health!), and i think this is a great way to ensure that we do have some money somewhere for KONA at all times. I know too many people who have not had insurance (which we also have) and have run into big vet bills with little puppies. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS ADVICE!


December 1st, 2003, 06:18 PM
Question.What breed is Kona?As for his testicle,it will drop.Don't worry about that.My friend had that happen to her Bichon.It dropped and he got fixed.House training varies.Always remember to take him out at least 15 mins after he has eaten.Take a treat with you.And when he does his job praise him like crazy and give him a little treat.This may take a bit of time.Have patience.As for the walks,he's only a little over 2 months.Make them short ones for a while.Till he gets used to it.As for the biting of the leg,give him a stern NO.When he stops,praise him and say Good boy.Like I said,have patience.It will all work out in the end.I hope I helped some.Good luck.