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Hello from Oklahoma

March 20th, 2006, 08:35 AM
Hi! My name is Maria and I live in OK. My husband and I have 2 cats, both females, named Twister and Thunder. We also have a male puppy named Hunter who is about 9 wks.

About myself:
I am almost 21 yrs old, full time student, full time housewife. This really helps since we just got Hunter and I have a chance to housebreak him. I'm also expecting a baby and I'm 25 wks pregnant (first child!). You know what's funny? Everyone told me "you have to get rid of all your pets with this new baby on the way". My mom, on the other hand, told me "When you were about 2 yrs old and you could walk, you would escape your crib, go down 3 flights of stairs in the dark, and sleep with our dog (a german pointer) and her litter." I think being around animals since my birth helped me to be alot healthier and build a better immune system. I'm not allergic to ANYTHING except bee stings. My husband also loves our pets and we all spend as much time together (including our pets!) as we can when he's not at work - he's active duty military.

My husband found Thunder when she was about... 5-6 wks old on top of the engine inside a military Hum-V. They started the vehicle (who had not been turned on in a while) and heard the ferocious cries of a litter of kittens from under the hood. We ended up with 2 kittens which I bottle fed and eventually weaned. Thunder's brother died a few days later, due to what probably was congenital birth defects. Thunder survived and 7 months later she is HUGE and hairy and very happy. She is extremely affecitonate and acts more like a dog than a cat.

Twister was given to me by a co-worker who found her half-alive on his front porch. Apparently her bro & sis were mauled by a dog. He kept her since she was DAYS old until she was about 1 month with her mom in their house. Then one of his kids was allergic to the cats. I took the kitten, who was not weaned at all, one week before my wedding. I was getting married in FL and then my husband and I were driving up to OK - and I had to nurse and wean a kitten in the middle of all this? Was I crazy? YES! but it worked out. She was weaned by our wedding day, and she did fine through out the travels. We let her out enough times and she was even welcomed at the hotels we stayed at. This is my husband's baby even though he originally wasn't fond of cats. Now she's a year old and ... well.. family!

I adopted hunter 2 weeks ago from the animal shelter. Within days of having him home I noticed that he wasn't eating, he slept all day, and his nose was runny. As I was making calls with my vet he went into an asthma attack. He was wheezing and coughing all the way to the emergency clinic. We found out he had Coccidia and a systematic respiratory infection. He also had swollen lymph nodes and he had been neutered way too young. But we fell in love with him so a lot of $ and a few medications later, he is happier and healthier. He eats heartily, he runs around playfully (and blowing his nose in the process), he cooperates when it comes time to take his medicine, and he's learning soooo fast. We've had him for less than a week and he's already used to his crate and eliminating when we take him outside. We still got a couple of things to work on but at least we know him a little better now. He's bold, and vocal, and very, very brave! weclome ot the family, Hunter!

March 20th, 2006, 09:21 AM
Welcome to the family and I saw the pic of Hunter, such a cutie. Looking forward to seeing more pics (we're pic hounds here! :p) and the kitties stories are so amazing, must be a great feeling to see them get bigger every day :)

March 20th, 2006, 09:38 AM
Hi Maria, welcome I to am new here, you have some busy times ahead of you congrats::thumbs up ) I also am a Very strong believer in what you said about growing up with pets, as my children are 3.5yrs and 2yrs and we have 2 cats & 2 dogs. My children are very respectful of them and their space.My daughter has asthma and allergies Dr told us to get rid of the pets, not going to happen as she needs to build up an immunity and its important to her but she knows they cannot go into her room, and she seems to be growing out of them, they'll test her again at 5yrs. You never said what type of puppy Hunter is? Do you not believe of early spay/neuter, are your cats done?

March 20th, 2006, 10:32 AM
Wow a lot of questions, ok

I do believe it's best ot spay/neuter as early as possible - but my puppy was neutered so young it caused health complications :sick: - the vet said it worsened the infection he already had and caused it to spread to other areas of his body. The vet was concerned that he would already be neutered at 8 wks when his testicles had not even dropped and perhaps the method they did it with was not the best choice for the health of my puppy. He is a beagle/blue heeler mix and his pic is posted!

My cats are not spayed but they will be soon I promise! I'm not neglecting them, but people have to understand that when you have TWO it's quite a bit of $ that you need to save up and plan for. Which we are!

As far as children and animals, I'm glad your daughter is building up her immune system! I'm also glad that you are responsible enough to know how to handle kids and pets. My mom is not too concerned for me because she knows I'm a clean freak and I keep my pets healthy. I'm very hygenic and I know this will help both my child, my health, and that of my pets. My animals are taught not to go in my room or the child's room, and we all spend plenty of time in the living room together. I take my afternoon prego nap with all three of them on my couch! :rolleyes:

March 20th, 2006, 11:21 AM
Hi again, I wasn't jumping on you, and I hope I didn't make you feel that way:sorry: Yes I know How much $ it costs to have animals - alot best case scenario worst alot,alot:sad: I am not that computer savvy to find your pics, maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, beagle/blueheeler must be a cutie (hound lover) sorry your boy had problems with his neuter, when they hadn't even dropped yet ya that's young(in my books) talk to you soon sorry again

March 20th, 2006, 02:46 PM
Oh no Libby! Don't worry about it I didn't feel jumped at all! :crazy: Really, it's ok! I will post a pic here if the message board permits.

March 20th, 2006, 03:14 PM
Thanks, Oh my Goodness Hunter is so cute, I can't even remember when my old man was that small, and he was only 4wks, some students(London is known for the number of students attending schools here) got him and then found out he cried all the time and the other people in the building complained but not to the right people because that night the thoughtful owners that they were put him outside their apt building in themiddle of winter in a freezing rain/snow storm and he wasn't found until the next morn, very pink and frozen from the rain we were worried about some of his toes and his tail but all is well and now he's 12yrs.:pawprint:

March 20th, 2006, 03:28 PM
Mhass,welcome to the Forum:crazy:
I am happy you are not one of those people wrongly thinking the pets will do harm to a baby.
You are very right in saying babies need to work up their immune-system.
Here in Ontario,we have almost an epidemic in children with asthma,I believe much due to a sterile environment and once they get outside exposed to fumes,smog etc...asthma hits.
I am not saying babies should grow up in dirt,but a completely sterile,beginning of your life,will cause problems.
Also thank you for taking these kitties and now the beautiful little puppy:thumbs up