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Hope In The Near Future????

jesse's mommy
March 19th, 2006, 03:56 PM
So, I think the man is starting to break down. He took me to the Humane Society today to look at dogs today and we saw one and were playing with her. She was sweet and the card said she was sweet, good with dogs, and was an indoor/outdoor dog. She was about 8 months old and was a mastiff/bulldog mix. We however, have decided against her because of a few things. She was sweet and cuddly, but we got the impression that she was a "runner" and would run at every chance she got -- I know with training it could be corrected, but we have a lake in the backyard that she could easily escape through and would be difficult to catch -- Jesse doesn't bother with the lake unless someone is at the bank with her and she just barks at the fish :D . Anyway, her name was Lady and she was cuddly, but it was a different kind of cuddle than Jesse gives. It wasn't a "I'm in love with you, please take me home" cuddle, it was a "Thanks for giving me some attention" cuddle. We didn't feel that she chose us. We were also asking a lot of questions of the humane society and didn't like some of the responses we got from them. We asked if she was crate trained and they couldn't answer us. They said she was good with dogs, but couldn't give us any examples. They couldn't tell us what kind of dogs she was good with -- active, inactive, older, younger, playful, submissive etc. Though she is 8 months old, she was very calm, a lot calmer than Jesse is at 2 years old. They also couldn't tell us if she was an alpha dog or not. Then we asked if we could bring Jesse over for them to meet because it's not good to keep rehoming dogs if it's not a good match and they said no -- for the safety of our dog and liability reasons. Then I asked if there was a trial basis to see how they got along, again for the multiple rehoming reasons, and they said no. Jim was happy that I had a lot of questions for them, but we both were unhappy with their lack of knowledge. I wasn't too impressed that they weren't concerned about rehoming one of their dogs with another dog without any introductions or anything -- I would think they would be concerned for the safety of their dog you know? So needless to say, this shelter will be out for us. But there are plenty of other rescues around here, so I still have my hopes up that he will give in!! :evil: I was just so proud of Jim because he initiated us going there and think this is such a huge step for him, when his original reaction was -- If you get another dog, I will leave you! (Of course he wasn't serious, but was serious about not being ready for a second dog.) Keep your fingers crossed!! :fingerscr

March 19th, 2006, 05:16 PM
Congrats on the first step! IMO, you were right to walk away. With a dog already at home, you can't take the chance of them not meeting before committing 100%... Especially with 2 females.:eek: