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March 18th, 2006, 11:03 PM
I'm a nerd.:D Being so, I am the last person on earth not downloading free music off the net. :o But with iTunes you can pay, so it's not as stealy, right? The only thing is, before I download the 64meg or whatever program for it, I was wondering if anybody can tell me if it's worth it... Is it expensive? I just want a few nine inch nails songs, and they're all on different cds and I'm not rich enough to go buy 'em all...

Does anybody here use itunes? Is there anything better?

March 19th, 2006, 12:44 PM
We're addicted to iTunes here! When I got this computer, iTunes was preloaded, so I started with putting our (extensive) Cd collection on the computer first. The playlist feature (which you can use to burn complilation CDs of your own) is drag and drop and way easy-my husband, who isn't a techno-geek, took about 5 minutes to learn how to use it.
We get the prepaid iTunes cards from what used to Radio Shack-no worries about credit cards on line that way. Songs are 99 cents, most albums are 9.99 or so. Seems reasonable to us;) . I really, really dislike the idea of "free" music downloads-the artists get little enough as it is!
If you are using an MP3 player, though, things get a little tricky. ITunes uses a different format, so you have to convert to MP3. And when you buy iTunes, they download in a protected format. You can directly download to an iPod but have to burn a copy to a CD and then rip it to a different type of MP3 player. If you are just going to burn straight to CD, no problems.
Check out, too. They have an extensive library, everything comes in MP3 form and they keep a record of your purchases-if you ever lose something you've bought, you can download it again free!

March 19th, 2006, 01:10 PM
I've been using Itunes for forever! Almost...8 years now (it first came out with OSX for Mac, and I worked at a computer store when OSX came out). The Itunes music store is new though.

I love itunes. It's so easy to rip your own CD's onto the computer, and even easier to burn discs!! If you have more than one computer on a network, you can set it up so that all people on the network can access each other's music!

As for the Itunes Music store, it's AMAZING! I got a itunes gift card for christmas for $20 and I bought a bunch of individual songs that I have always wanted, but never wanted to buy the whole CD! 99% of the songs are 99cents. THe odd "special" song can be more. You can also download album samplers, and they have free downloads each week.

You can also download videos for a fee (don't know the cost) and movie trailers for free. They also have a MASSIVE audio book library where you can download almost ANY book. It's great if you have long drives to work and no time to read! The audio books are more pricey though.

The only thing I don't like about itunes is that there are still a bunch of artists not on it. I really want the song "Broken" by Seether (feat Amy Lee) but it's not on there. Also, they tend not to have older music yet. FOr instance, they only have recent KMFDM albums, but none of their stuff from the 1990's (I really want to download Juke Joint Jezebel).

You do need a credit card though, which I don't like since I'm worried I will go nuts. Itunes music cards are great though. They sell them at Shoppers Drug mart and they make great gifts!! You can also set it up so if you have kids, you can give them their own account, and set an allowance level, and set it so they don't download "explicit lyrics" music.

I hope this helps. It's an amazing program!!

March 19th, 2006, 02:26 PM
Thanks both of you. That really helps.:)

March 27th, 2006, 10:51 PM
Yeah, now I'm hooked... :o I have to only go on when I want something specific because I keep finding songs I've always wanted but never had the money to buy the whole cd...
The only thing I don't like about itunes is that there are still a bunch of artists not on it. I really want the song "Broken" by Seether (feat Amy Lee) but it's not on there.I think that has to do with the label or something because none of the Evanescence songs are on there either.

I was wondering why there were no Beatles songs on there (very few), and today they announced that they're suing Apple again because they made a deal that Apple is never allowed to sell music because of the Beatles apple label that is for music.:rolleyes: I hope they don't get shut down. I'm just getting started.:D

March 28th, 2006, 05:59 AM
I will be the contrarian again, (lol) and say while I am a frequent downloader (and it IS still legal in Canada tho not the US - it is why we pay more for blank CD's and DVD's) - tho that will likley change sometime soon in the future, my quibble with itunes is that the file format (like all things Apple) is playable only in an Ipod. I have a Pocket PC so I use a 1 Gig card (with more songs that I weill ever listen to in a day) as my "device" and I can dl all the MP3's to my heart's content - I do not even want to admit how many I have dled, lol You can convert MP3 or wav format (the format on a reguakr CD) to the ipod file format whose name escapes me but I am not certainb about the other way around. I read the other day that one country is sueing Apple to make them manufacture more "portable" devices in that country, ie - ones that will play MP3 files and WMA's.

Enjoy!! It is very easy to get hooked on dled I am afraid!!

March 28th, 2006, 08:29 AM
I will be the contrarian again, (lol) and say while I am a frequent downloader (and it IS still legal in Canada tho not the US - it is why we pay more for blank CD's and DVD's)

Actually Cyberkitten, it is legal in the US, though the record companies have terrorized the public into believing it's not. The proof of that, before I get flamed, is in the fact that you don't get arrested when caught "fileswapping", you get sued. If it were in fact an illegal and arrestable offense, libraries would be shut down permanently and all book lending/borrowing banned. Anyone reading a book without purchasing it first would be jailed (at least then there would be seats at Barnes and Nobles in the comfy chairs! j/k). It's the greatest myth the recording industry could have come up with, and they've used the government to allow it to continue (go figure). I for one, still download from various sources, but if there's an artist I feel has put out an album full of good material, I will reward them by purchasing it, either from iTunes or from a retail outlet like Best Buy or Tower. Oh and the reason you pay more for the "music" CD-RW's and "movie" DVD-RW's is because a portion of that does go to the recording industry (love those kickbacks). Another fun fact is that on average, after payment to the artist, studio, distributor and management company, a CD only costs 2.50USD to make (includes packaging). Which means the profit on that is astronomical given most CD's by major artists go for 15-19.00 USD. Kinda disgusting isn't it? And since I've now TOTALLY hijacked Prin's thread (feel free to report me :p), I love iTunes, will never use anything different, it rocks my world :)

doggy lover
March 28th, 2006, 08:34 AM
I'm not into the computer thing, but my kids have Limewire on the computer and we download music from there. Does that help any?

March 28th, 2006, 11:49 AM
my quibble with itunes is that the file format (like all things Apple) is playable only in an Ipod.Actually that's not true. You download them in cd format and then do whatever you want with them. I don't have an ipod. I just burn cds straight from iTunes.

Hijack away! :D

I couldn't steal music. Where's the limit? If a song on itunes costs $.99, and you go somewhere and get it free instead, how is that different than getting a "free" $.99 chocolate bar from a store? The truth is, some of these musicians are filthy rich, but others are not. Nobody is selling 5 million albums anymore. If somebody puts out something creative and it adds to our enjoyment of the day, why aren't we paying for it? This is their career.

March 28th, 2006, 12:07 PM
Hear, hear, Prin! :D I know that the artist doesn't get much of what I spend on iTunes or for a CD, for that matter, but they deserve it. After all, I want my fav artists to keep making music, not have to get a day job.

One of the saddest things I've ever seen was on "Bands Reunited". One of the guys from The English Beat and General Public, who were pretty big in their day, was making a living giving ROLLERBLADING LESSONS! :D I mean, you know that the bubble will burst someday, but still...what a comedown!

March 28th, 2006, 02:03 PM
Thx j for explaining that - I knew they were sueing the ISP's et al, was not certain of all the details and did not take time to research it - mea culpa. Prin, I did not mean re CD's - I know you can creatye CD's - I was referring to moble devices like IPod's, Pocket PC's,. bberries et al - I should have made that clear but I was tired and did not sy what I meant or mean what I said, if that makes any sense. I used to create CD's but that seems ages ago so I's forgot about them - yes, you can create CDs and I have convereted wav files TO the IPod's file format for a friend with an IPod and it is entirely possible someone has a program for conversion the other way around. We used to utilize Apples for grahic stuff but now that there are great programs for PC's, I figured in setting up my office and lab network, I;d stick with PC's and not overcomplicate matters.

I do have an old Apple I at home (I also have a Commodore 64 and even a Vic-20, lol)

I had a dream one nite that I was hauled before a Judge for dliing and he asked me what I did that and I said, "It was like the man said about the mountain - it was there". I woke up laughing. (and happy it was a dream!)

I have tried Live wire but like WinMx which was taken off so we had to tweak itto work it and so I am thinking of using another program, maybe even itunes, lol - we'll see. There is another program that I was on that you had to share 20 gigs to belong to - forget the name but I did not log on much but there was tons of stuff (I also dled movies for awhile but thought in no time they are at WalMart for $6.88, lol). It was the thrill of the bargain.

I liked WinMx less for music than for books and one coukd find bestesellers while they were still in hardcover and in the top 10 in MSReader format. (or sometimes Word or text or pdf but youy can then convert to Reader with ReaderWorkds).

Anyway ---- that's my take on this issue. I l,oved dling books and old tv shows (I dled the Beatles and Buddy Holly on Ed Sullivan, lol) and even the National's coverage of 9-11 and the highlights of Cdn team winning in Salt Lake City and fav commercials and of course my fav music videos. I seem to have lost interest in this for the past year tho. I still have more CD's than I ever had befpre tho (and I had enuf then!). It was just the thrill of the "free" stuff I guess - I have Resident who runs a warez site - now that is quite interesting!!!

(I did note that initially most of the books for dling were science fiction - mostly the favs of computer ppl I guess but now it is much more diverse and I met ppl who I traded what I liked (mysteries, adventure, history, computer and prigramming books, science and politics). I still spend hundreds of dollars a pop at Chapters and Amazon tho so no one is losing money b/c I dl books, lol

They also had many classics which was kinda kewl. Or hard to find books. Now I dl books and buy them online on occasion - it can be chaeper to reda the digital version on my Pocket PC - and you can read it in the dark (no need for a flashlight that you used as a kid, lol)

The fastest I ever dled a movie was 15 mins.

March 28th, 2006, 03:15 PM
I used to use WinMX until they got served and scared off by the RIAA with a cease and desist, which p*&$#d me off more than I can say. And CK, I hope you don't think I was getting on my soapbox, I just want to spread that info as far and as wide as possible so people are aware of their rights and can pass the good word along to others. I work for a company that would probably hang me and a lot of my coworkers high for dl'ing, especially given I see a lot of iTunes shares here at work and know those folks aren't bringing music in from home ;) I'm still trying to find a suitable bit of freeware for dl'ing that isn't laden with malware and tracking cookies, so it's been a dry spell, though I still use my ex's newsgroup account (he pays, I don't mind!). BTW, hang onto that Commodore, those are worth a MINT these days lol

March 28th, 2006, 06:05 PM
Oh no prb J, I appreciate the info - was glad to learn that!! Have you tried dling the work arunds for WinMx - I bhave mine yp and working thx to some foks in Europe, I fixed my P2P Winmx (and yep, I loved Winmx - it had everything, songs,. albums, movies, shows, books, software....) - there is a good page here:

I still like exchaanging books, lol And like you, I refuse to use Kazaa b/c it is one of the top cources of spyware (so is limeware tho it is not quite as bad tho they both have Gain - a big bad spyware company). On one computer I had - while trying out Kazaa - one I did not care if I had to reformat - I did end up with a program that literally took over my puter. I tracked down the writer of that malicious little code tho - he was from Montreal of all places! It took over the puter in the sense that you could not use Yahoo, could not uninstall it the typical way. I was tempted to just fiddle with the regstry and get rid of it but I formatted the drive and said bye to those P2P apps forever!!! I hate Gain and its likeminded contempoarries - they should be outlawed, more so than P2P apps!

And not to worry, my Vic 20 and Commodore are going NOWHERE!!!! I recall thinkiing 4 Megs was a LOT of memory , lol I may be giving away my age - I am not THAT old - but I have worked on mainframes too but I don;t have one of them, at keast not at home, rofl!

March 28th, 2006, 08:19 PM
Thank you for sharing with me this voodoo you do so well with winmx CK, I'm dying to have it back!!

March 28th, 2006, 08:41 PM
Cyberkitten, I will personally come up to NB/NS to fix any computer issue you may have forever and ever and ever amen. You've restored my favorite P2P program to me, and for that (as well as your always invaluable critter advice and anecdotes and just too cute for words pictures), I am forever (ramblingly) in your debt. I also can now give this gift back to my cousin, who's computer I have locked down so tight, that she only has a guest restricted account (she used kazaa, took me 3 weeks to fix it). I'm so happy I could cry now that I no longer have to use a command prompt ancient version of opennap!!!