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HELP - Puppy Needs to Learn Manners

March 17th, 2006, 09:43 AM
We have a 2 month old Bichon/Pom puppy, Princess. She is the sweetest, adorable puppy! We love her dearly! But, she needs to learn some manners. We want her to grow to be a well adjusted and well behaved dog and want to do what we can to accomplish this. Sorry about the length of this post.

She is very playful. Loves to chew her toys and will pounce on them, shake them and growl. She pretty much loves to chew everything, but we always tell her no when she is chewing something she isn't supposed to and make sure that she always has her safe chew toys around for her. She will even remove her blanket from her crate, shaking it and growling the whole time and will then jump in her crate with some toys to play with or will plop herself on the floor outside the crate for a nap. She loves hair! She will pull your hair, growling at the same time. We are working on getting her to stop this. Not easy, she is very determined.

She also wants to play with Misty and Dinah, the cat. Misty isn't too keen on having a puppy jumping on her and biting. Dinah doesn't like being chased, she doesn't mind the occasional sniff, but doesn't like the puppy teeth!

We have introduced Misty and Princess and the introduction went fine. Misty sniffed Princess and that was pretty much it. She didn't want anything more. Princess was a little scared but has quickly overcome her fear. She now will whine and cry to go to Misty. Which would be fine except she chases Misty and bites her ears, legs and tail! Misty doesn't want to put up with this and I'm afraid she may do more than a simple growl and snap. I'm afraid Misty may hurt Princess. For now we are keeping them separate unless we are right there to supervise. We have stopped Princess from biting Misty and have encouraged only sniffing and licking. How can we get Princess to pretty much leave Misty alone or at least not bite her?

We also need her to leave Dinah alone. Dinah is a good cat, a bit temperamental at times, liking things her way, but aren't all cats?! She doesn't mind Princess, except Princess chases her and wants to bite. We're afraid Dinah is going to scratch Princess. Dinah has all her claws since we don't like declawing, so she could hurt a small puppy. How can I get Princess to leave Dinah alone?

We are working on Princess realizing that she is not boss, but has to listen to us. Not easy for such a young pup who is very determined. She will even grab your pant legs shaking and growling!

I would appreciate any advice on how we can have everyone get along peacefully. Thanks.

March 17th, 2006, 12:24 PM
I think the "Pom" in Princess is showing itself. Eskies also love to "play" with the cat - on their terms. Not to hurt them, just to play. And Eskies and Poms have many of same traits. So many Eskie owners with cats have found their cats have packed the Eskie's suitcase. Since our cat weighs 22 lbs. he should be able to hold his own, since he weighs about same as dog - and frankly he is often the instigator and then tries to look innocent - but I know him too well. El has finally given up trying to play with THAT CAT since he has come to realization that cat is trying to do me in. As Princess grows it will get harder unless you cat can assume a dominate role. We did have a cat like that once - she was the boss of the Beagle - tiny little kitty who demanded respect. Re Misty, I know Princess just can't resist those flapping ears and his nail (will no doubt try hanging from them) - all you can really do is try to limit it until Princess gets bigger and is better able to hold her own. I would just watch that Misty doesn't go for Princess' neck. Misty may not retaliate though as she is in her controlled environment. Certainly El could at his weekly tush love-in but he hasn't and with his teeth he could make his point. He just wants to be loved and maybe that is what Princess is doing. Since Misty isn't feeling all that well, that could be contributing to problem. But a Pom with ears is what I think you have. Double ruff around neck to appear any moment.

March 17th, 2006, 01:28 PM
Thank you SnowDancer. Dinah is in total control of Misty, that is for sure! Misty rolls on her back while Dinah nips her chest. Misty doesn't do anything except for the occasion yelp of pain from Dinah's teeth! Dinah has already swatted Princess, but to no avail. Princess thought it was play! I'm afraid that due to Princess still being so tiny, she may get badly hurt by Dinah.

I'm also afraid that Misty may hurt Princess because of her size. If Misty does get fed up and turns around to bite Princess, she will no doubt hurt her as she is tiny.

You're definitely right about the Pom part of her showing! She is quite the bossy little character. She will bark at you when she is hungry and will whine and cry and bark loudly while you are trying to get it ready for her to eat.

She is very good at kisses though! Always willing to give lots of them. Just like Misty!