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Canada AM tomorrow March 17

Derek & Jeter
March 16th, 2006, 06:02 PM
Poll in upper right corner-

Question: Do you support the seal hunt? Yes or No.

To vote go to

Somebody sent me a link for a poll Canada AM is conducting about the seal hunt. I assume the results will be tallied tomorrow a.m. but in case it's on the National tonight I voted already.

Since there are so many conflicting poll results, and CTV news has been around for so long and many people trust it, I thought I'd post the above link.

The following is just my opinion -
The animal use industry propaganda pushers, sealers and/or friends (noticed by me and others) have taken over many forums e.g. envirolink (highest Google spot when you search animal rights) and yahoo news discussions. There were a few jamming up the threads, baiting people, deflecting from the issue so much, that the anti's caught on or just stopped posting, maybe because it was so obvious.

March 16th, 2006, 11:52 PM
I do not like the Seal Hunt (do not like any animals being killed whatever they look like) and Paul was always my fav Beatle but I was so ticked off by that visit and the fact she lobbies for PETA - and they said the sealers hunt the white furred babies(which has been banned for 20 yrs) and while I know Danny Williams is not perfect, my God, Heather Mills was outright rude tho Pau; was not. (Like I can even call him Paul, lol). Of anything, that whole trip only served to help increase the seal hunt. They should have stayed home amnd stopped trying to make unemployed and underemployed people look bad - it is easy to drop in somewhere when you are billionaire. I do wish they would visit some of the farms that treat their cows and horses badly - and what about the cod inustry - are they going to help pay for the children who have serious health problems due to poverty - not to mention the pets these famulies have. There wa sso much misinformation - I am still angry about that visit, imagime how people who could care less about aninals feel!!! (I do wish we would find another alternative to the seal hunt - and an alternative that will help the cod industry tho the Euroipean trawlers help that out as well). A diversified economy = Paul and Heather might consider investing in someting that creates jobs. Do thry think ppl actually like going out in -20 degree weather to kill seals? Gawd!!! I am sick of hearing about that visit!

March 17th, 2006, 08:08 AM
I'll sign any petition that comes along,not that I think it will make any difference,but you never know.
The seal-hunt is an especially brutal and inhumane way to kill an animal and Canada is becoming known as the country that skin seals alive:sad:
This time around 335.000 seals are going to be slaughtered,it will be a bloodbath on the ice.
It does not matter whether someone tells me I am missinformed,nothing can change my mind about this horror.
We've seen footage of the methods used,although I try not to watch anything on the news,NOBODy can convince me this is a humane way to kill animals for their fur and 335.000 of them.

Killing babies are banned,but what happens to the abandonned babies??
Whoever comes up with these excuses must think we are idiots to believe such statements.
As far as I've seen it becomes a killing frenzy and noone stops to ask the seal how old,he is,12 months or 13 months:sad: To be killed or not.
First the seal is hooked,then knocked out with a blow to the head,put aside to be skinned,often still breathing while beeing skinned....humane???
I don't think so,it's a shame on my country and should be stopped.

Derek & Jeter
March 17th, 2006, 11:21 AM
I will be boycotting Canadian fish or most fish because there's new packaging that does not include country of origin where I last shopped. They won't be getting my $12 per mo :) until the hunt is stopped officially.

I was buying canned Canadian salmon, and human grade meat for Garfield, the last year and 1/2 because he enjoyed it so much and I wanted to pamper him a bit in his old age, plus regular cat food for balance.

I looked through the arguments on both sides and decided against. I read three cited reports on the hunt (Royal or Malouf Commission; CVMA and IWAF) looked at the DFO's claims, the AR groups reports. But the following two posts at a non-partisan forum confirmed what I think to be true. The article below helped too.

posted 04-03-2006 Newfoundland
Danny has one of the largest law firms here,and never been on the
ice. Those *poor* fisherpersons drive around in a new 4 x4 1/2 ton
with a new SkiDoo on the back and are better off than most. Each
boat can kill 500 per day and when they get full they throw the meat
over the side...we lose more tourist bucks than what the sealers take in.

posted 04-03-2006 Gulf Coast N.S.
First of all I am an east coaster and have witnessed
this inhumane slaughter first hand.If your think seals
being skinned alive is humane, I surely do not understand you.
They do not even wait until they are dead...
Some of the sealers make sure they are dead but quite a few don't.
Article Toronto star__ A Betrayal of Facts
Then there was a national editorial accusing animal protection groups of trying to "slaughter the incomes of Newfoundlanders."
But even the Newfoundland government says there are only about 4,000 active sealers each year and if you do the math, they earn less than 5 per cent of their incomes from killing seals.

There were the inevitable citings of a report used by the fisheries department, which supposedly suggests up to 98 per cent of the seals are killed in an "acceptably humane way."

Of course, media outlets chose not to explain this "study" was performed on board sealing vessels in the presence of enforcement officers, when sealers knew they were being watched. As much as you would not speed while driving past a police car, sealers are unlikely to violate regulations in front of enforcement officers...

I was born and have about 70 relatives living and working in the Maritimes, so I'm not anti- PEI, NS, NB or NFLD.