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Jaw dropping rudeness!!!

March 15th, 2006, 09:37 PM
I just called Revenue Canada to get my netfile code and my bf's cousin gave me the number. I figured it was the number for French, but I made my way through all the menus and figured it's the feds, they have to be bilingual, right?

So a guy answers and I tell him, "I'm just looking to get my netfile code. Can you help me with that?" He says all bright and cheery, "Sure! Hold on a minute...." and it goes quiet, and then there's a click and then an automated message: "You have reached the French helpline. Please call back on the English line. Good bye."
Can you believe that?!

March 15th, 2006, 09:44 PM
wow. That sucks. I hate revenue canada!!

You know you can get your code online as well. I did that last year. I don't remember the website though.

March 15th, 2006, 09:47 PM
Yeah, I couldn't because apparently I didn't file last year-- Well, I did, but they just haven't processed it ever and never cared to notify me that they weren't going to, so being a year late, I had to actually talk to a person.:rolleyes:

I think I'm going to switch tax-grabber companies...:D The bf's cousin worked there and said they can basically be as rude as they want to because they know you can't go anywhere else...

March 15th, 2006, 09:48 PM
I try not to call them if I dont have too - we have someone just do our taxes for us.

Lately at work my transfers are totally messed up I just hate it - one time it transferred to spanish - most just get transferred back to consumer general no matter where they are being put through - I try to apologise and offer a direct number.

March 16th, 2006, 01:41 AM
that IS rude!
but I thought you spoke french.

I love how Bell calls me in French and even though i'm starting to understand what they're saying I speak to them in English, and the person at the other end gets all paranoid and says "a person speaking English will call you right back!" then nobody does . lol

March 16th, 2006, 02:15 AM
I do speak french, but not about serious things like taxes, insurance or health things... I have to make sure I hear right... I was prepared to speak french today, but the guy didn't even give me a chance.:rolleyes:

March 16th, 2006, 11:51 AM
Ugh, how rude! Why in a supposedly bilingual country is there such a problem with languages? Here in Cornwall there is a francophone-only health clinic (which kinda annoys me, as any whatever-only place does-didn't people go through horrible things to END segregation?) that is in the news because they have turned anglophones away-absolutely refuse to serve them-even when the anglo's doctor works at the clinic. Their charter says that they focus on francophones, but will serve anyone, but in practise, you are turned away if you speak english. There was also a geared to income housing unit here that suddenly began to communicate only in French, b/c the manager decided that it was geared to francophones. Now, can you imagine the fuss if the reverse happened? A clinic refused to serve someone because they only spoke French? Or a government housing project refused to communicate in French, but only in English? Fair's fair, right?

March 16th, 2006, 11:59 AM
Its the gov't they are aloud to do what they want!!!
you are not a person but a number... I'm on UI and declaired I got 25$ for doing a suvey now 3 weeks later they still are Investigating it to see if they are going to cut me off screw being honest!!! I have bills to pay!!!

Lucky Rescue
March 16th, 2006, 12:51 PM
I bet they wont' send your cheque back if it's written in English though!:evil:

Actually, Revenue Quebec is much better and easier to deal with.