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K, Now I"m MAD!!!!

March 15th, 2006, 10:32 AM
Long story short............

We jsut moved into our hosue in December. Our neighbour has a beautiful Shepard... but she hates the indoors. He put her in a cage that's only about 10x6 with a dog house and food and water. He walks her occassionally.... but he's usually gone from around 5 am til 8 pm so she's cooped up all that time. She's bad for barking...but normally only if other dogs ( ie: mine) are outside. She was attacked years ago and now hates all dogs. She's got quite the scar. Apparantly he used to be on an acreage..but had to move into town. He want's to fence his yard to give her more space..but we're in a brand new development and by the time these houses were done..the landscaping was out of the question for the season. He used to have a bark collar on her... but today I just noticed my neighbour has his poor dog muzzled. She's a bit of a barker but it doesn't bother most of the neighbourhood. RIght now she looks like Hannibal Lector... it breaks my heart. She can't eat or drink. I see that he's trying to be a responsible neighbor... but why bother having a dog when she's just yard art. It's not like she can protect his stuff.... she's stuck in a damn chicken coop! Now I'm pissed... my hubby's going to go tell him he can take it off if he was doing it for our benefit. She looks so sad...I cant' even look at her!

I don't want to make enemies out of the neighbor... but I'd love to have someone come rescue her!

March 15th, 2006, 10:39 AM
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Ed U KayShawn
March 15th, 2006, 09:35 PM
Hmm. I can certainly read that you are a very caring person who sympathizes with animals.I agree that it definately sounds like the dog should be treated better. Perhaps as a neighbour and of course you being a good dog owner you could offer to walk the dog for the man. This would not be for his benefit but for the dogs. You will make a new doggie friend out of it! That is a huge reward in itself! Also regarding the rescuing comment.I don;t know too many potential adopters that look to adopt a barking, improperly socialized large dog! We as the better dog owners must do our part by swaying the ignornant pet owners to our side of the fence;:grouphug: the responsible caring pet owners side!! So that they care for their pets better and enjoy a better relationship with everyone. And of course most importantly the animals are loved and well cared for. Obviously he does care, just not as passionately as you. You need to try and ignite that so he will and can do better for his dog. Or perhaps you could check out doggie day care and give him the number! There are alternatives the future can be brighter for this dog, if you can help him/her!