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BLACK CAT FOUND, Toronto-Leaside

March 14th, 2006, 07:25 PM
Laird-Eglinton area. An all-black Cat, Female, Front Paws de-clawed and neutered. (2-3 Years old, according to a local Vet.)
We have been watching her since late Summer '05, but were not ever able to entice her until only today, March 14th, 2006.
Sept. 05: Wore a collar.
Oct. 05: Collar gone. Nasty neck-gash, as observed at distance of 12 feet.(We were never able to get closer than this- until today.)
When sighted, was most always in the company of local Raccoons- and, more wary than them!
She was taken to the Vet today: Examined, Fully Vaccinated, Feline-Aids tested, micro-chipped and de-wormed (the latter, most required.)
If this wonderful animal belongs to you and you can prove same. you may claim her.
A Vet bill of about $275 will need to be paid, to us. (Vet receipt provided.)
She has, clearly, been loved and it appears she has suffered the horror of being abandoned, with only the company of Raccoons to comfort her- and that fact probably enabled her to survive the Winter.
Other than a serious infestation of worms, she is in great health and now is behaving like a most grateful and warm beloved pet.

March 15th, 2006, 11:37 AM
I fully suspect that this lucky little kitty will be with you for life. It is also an identical tale to the little black kitty we took in a couple of years ago - we live in East York so I know exactly where you are. We also had to take kitty to vet's - had to stay a few days for deworming, shots you name it.