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vet bill

March 12th, 2006, 05:56 PM
Recently i took my 10 year old cat (she's the oldest of the zoo) to the vet. i didnt really want to i just wanted their opinion on her behavior but of course they "had to see her." basically she's a super picky eater and she throws up a lot (Irrital bowel syndrome) and she started eating our puppy's food. aparently the dog food agrees with her stomach and she's pretty happy eating it and when there is none in the bowl she yells (meows) until one of us puts some dog food out. i was more worried about her getting the nutrients she needs. she still eats the cat food that we have but she eats mainly dog food. anyways, i wanted to know if we could give her some sort of vitamins or something so she wouldnt lack any. and we've tried taking the dog food away and she'll go back to the cat food but then she throws up again.

so off we went to the vet which of course Holliey (the cat) was pissed because she hates the vet. it took forever in the waiting room. the vet didnt bother to take her temp or anything. he just suggested a new kind of food (wet food) and then said they should take blood.

when we got out the bill was 185 dollars!!! all he did was take blood! she hates the new food and wants the dog food. its like the vet didnt even bother to listen to me. he just kept saying how cats shouldnt eat dog food.

and i told him yeah duh i know that. that's common sense but you dont have to live with her and she's really bossy (i swear she thinks she's queen of the house lol). then they said ok we'll get the test results back to you by friday (this was wednesday). of course they didnt call friday. so monday i called and they couldnt find the results. and wednesday (a full week later) they called and said she was all normal and to make a follow up visit if she keeps throwing up or eating the dog food.

i dont understand that. vet should HELP animals. it shouldnt be about the money. and they should at least listen especially if they are charging a crap load of money for nothing.

I was more suprised because it was Banfield (petsmart) and they've always been great with our puppy.

which brings me to the last part of my rant, i feel that many of the pet stores and vets cater more towards dog people then cat people. i think its unfair. the vet will play with my dog, ask questions and chart his progress but when i bring one of the cats in they could care less. most of petsmart and petco is full of aisle of dog stuff. and then they have like 2 cat aisles. they have a zillion different dog toys but only the same old cat toys.

so that's my rant lol. thanks for letting me get that out.