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Dog park Grrrrs

March 5th, 2006, 05:57 PM
Ugh, I am rethinking taking moose to the dog park. Moose got attacked by two dashunds as we were leaving the park! Poor Guy! I picked him up as quickly as I could but he was terrified! At least he didn't fight back but he was afraid of another dog we met on the way back to the car and he actually let out a small growl from behind my legs. Something he has never done before. I hope it was just because he was still scared but I am wooried about him being afriad now or running into other aggresive dogs there. Well that's my rant. Has anyone else had problems with people bringing agressive dogs to dog parks? What makes me the maddest is that they continued to go into the no leash area with their dogs growling and barking and they never even said they were sorry for their evil dogs biting mine. I feel lucky that I didn't get bit while trying to pull mose out of there.

March 5th, 2006, 06:48 PM
I stopped taking Joey to the dog park because unfortunately he's the one that shows aggression towards other dogs especially bigger ones. I decided to work on it again on leash instead. If Joey ever growls at another dog I apologise like crazy to the owner as I feel terrible about it. But I also warn the owner ahead of time that it is an issue so at least they expect it. Joey isn't ready for a dog park and he might not ever be but we'll keep working on it.

Also I wouldnt say that dogs that growl or are aggressive towards other dogs are evil - they just have issues that the owner needs to work on with them. :D

March 5th, 2006, 07:52 PM
Also I wouldnt say that dogs that growl or are aggressive towards other dogs are evil - they just have issues that the owner needs to work on with them.
You are so right if only other owners were as concerned about there dogs behaviour as you are.
I find that this is a problem with most dog parks if you happen to find a good group of dog owners than they can be a lot of fun for you and your dog. But one owner who does not have his or her dog under control can really be disasterous. I tend to avoid them and just take Buddy on the trails in the park. Also because of his size people assume he is aggressive so I just avoid it even though the only thing he might do is drown your dog in drool.

March 5th, 2006, 09:12 PM
Growling is a form of communication, just like body language or barking. The key is to know your dog, as well as be able to read the other dogs as much as possible. Growling dogs aren't evil or bad. They're trying to say something.

Also some dogs don't get along with any dogs and others don't get along with a select few. When you go to a dog park, your dog is bound to meet some others he doesn't like, just like there will be some people there that you won't like.;)

To me, stopping socialization after a bad incident might cause more fearful or aggressive behavior. I like to end on a high note. When you go to a dog park, it's quite stressful for the dog and it's important to leave before he or others are tired and crabby...

March 6th, 2006, 02:12 PM
I never take my 2 dogs to our local dog park, there are to many (ohhh how do I say this nicely) people there that do not watch their dogs. Instead we have lots of friends with dogs that can come here and run in our back yard we are lucky to have 2 fenced acres, this way they are still kept social.

Prin that is a great shot!

March 6th, 2006, 02:27 PM
I stopped taking my dog to the dog park (Guelph Ontario) I have a poodle cross rescue dog. I had him on a long line and he was at my side when a large dog came up to him and grabbed my dog by the throut and started shaking him. The other dog then started to bite down on Mikeys throut. I jumped on the larger dog and tried prying its jaws open.( I know stupid move but I had to get him off of Mikey) The owners finally showed up - after much screaming on my part, they got their dog off Mikey and had to lie on top of their dog to keep it from attacking. Needless to say both Mikey and I had bites. Mikey ended up with two punctures on his throut and 2 large gashes in his shoulder along with bruises on his belly and hemorages in both eyes. The vet gave him antibiotics and pain killers. My vet didn't stitch the wounds because she wanted them to drain. To make a short story long - I don't go to the dog park and I now have a fear of any large dog that approached Mikey. I don't think he is afraid but I sure am. Mikey only weighs about 16lbs.
I think the dog parks are only safe for bigger dogs that can better defend themselves against the few bad owners out there.

March 6th, 2006, 04:26 PM
That attack on your little dog sounds just nasty. I think I would keep my tiny dog out of there too. My dog can be very growly. It's called warning others to stay the hell away because she's not in the mood, and I'm grateful that she's got such warning signals, that tell me to remove her from such a situation. She bit and punctured one lab once who was trying to mount her. Perhaps I have an attitude problem, but I think she had every right. That lab should have taken it a little slower and noticed she wasn't in the mood for that.
My dog has also been attacked by larger off leash dogs (in clearly on leash areas!), one dog with a mouth the size of my head, that shook her around like nuts. Finally upon examining her there was no damage. The other one, they both had some nicks. I really think, after all, they are dogs, it's in their nature. Why should we ever think they should be perfectly harmless or non-aggressive? Even humans are not.

March 7th, 2006, 11:44 AM
I used to take Hamish to the dogpark, but not anymore. Too many irresponsible owners taking dog aggressive dogs in there, not cleaning up after them, thinking it's alright to let their dogs hump others. Ugh . . .

March 7th, 2006, 01:00 PM
I recently started taking my Blue Heeler to the dog park and I LOVE it.

I have yet to have a problem, and it's amazing having the opportunity to let his run off-leash and play like a mad-man for 1, 2, or even 3 hours/day (depending on the weather). Ky would wither is all he got were leash walks. And it's also nice for me to have to opportunity to socialize with other dog owners.

Of course, what makes it so nice is probably partially the set up of the park. It's realsonably large, probably a few acres. And totally open with no fences (meaning no enterences for dogs to congregate at). And I usually go on the 'off' hours which means there is very rarely more than half a dozen dogs together at one time. Usually Ky meets dogs one at a time.

I am not too concerned about fights. Aside from the rarity of a well-socialized dog actually fighting with the intent to harm, the only aggressive reactions from dogs have been in regards to a possession (like a ball or frizbee) which I do not let him steal, or small dogs which snap at every dog that approaches them. Those he back away from quizzically.

And he is possibly one of the more aggressive dogs there. His method of play involves alot of chasing, growling, and barking. He will also run beside larger dogs and nip at the fur on their hind-quarters (the same way he would naturally do to a sheep) But no-one has asked me to remove him from the situation (which I would immedietly) and most are just happy that he is entertaining their dog.

Of course, if he starts getting out of hand, I bring him back and tell him to stay with me. Though, usually, the dog that he was call off from will come up and try to entice him to play again :) One litte dog would entice him to chase, then squeal like a stuck pig when he caught up to it. The owner said the small dog makes a game out of outrunning everyone, and doesn't like it when he gets caught :P

The smallest dog I've seen was a tiny pug. It was maybe 5 pounds on a good day, and I almost missed it amongst all the larger dogs. It was wearing a tiny sweater and was amazingly cute.