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KMASUTRA - (Preg problem) question moved here

November 20th, 2003, 08:12 AM
hi there i was wondering if you could help me . My sister has a cat and apparently this cat canot have kittens she has miscarages . But this time she did not and she had them some time this morrnig and my sisters daughter found one on the floor it was not alive and my sister and he husband checked to see if there was anymore and unfortunatly there was one more under the couch she said that it wasnt full mature but the other one was and then the cat went back under the couch and my sister took her and put her in a box she had another one and it was alive then another one it was not alive . My sister is now concernd that there is more in there because honestly to me it looks like there is to . what should we do? Please Help Kmasutra


You should post this in a new message.
It is possible there are more in there, especially if she isn't due. Take her to the vet, they will be able to feel or might have to x-ray to make sure. Some cats just can't have kittens, like some women can't have kids. It's kinda weird that they were all over the place, does she not have a nest? If I were you or your sister, I would not put her through this again. Please consider having her spayed ASAP.


thank you for responding to my question . It is not my cat my sister got this cat about 3 years ago from a friend and apparently this cat was in rough shape because of kids . my sister realy loves this cat she has 2 daughters also that love this cat . my sister said that she took the cat to the vet there befor and told them about the misscarages and they told her that there were no point in getting her fixed because she cant have kittens. my sister did give her a box but she didnt go in it . the last 2 she was because anita put her in it . she must of had them durring the morrning. my sister was realy worried about her so i told her i would she if i could find something on the net about it . i havent spoke to today to find out about the cat and the kitten. but i do know this if there is still kittens in there than the cat will die. but i am not quiet sure because she had 4 one surrviver



The vet told her there was no point if having her spayed if she can't have kittens? First of all, if the vet really said that, they need to have their license pulled immediately. There are more risks for unspayed females then just getting pregnant.

Second, she very obviously can have kittens, she just can't carry them to term. After the third trimester, it's not technincally a miscarraige, it's premature birth.

Hope this helps.

November 20th, 2003, 01:03 PM
I actually had a cat with the same problem. But she had feline leukima. You should have the cat tested to rule this out. I can't believe that your vet wouldn't mention something like this.

November 21st, 2003, 06:19 PM
Tell your sister she needs to get the cat to a vet, like pachiz said.
If she still has any unborn kittens, it could kill her.

NOT the same vet who told her not to bother spaying the poor cat though. I can't believe a vet would tell anyone that! Please tell your sister to get the cat spayed though; it's really unfair to let the cat go through this over & over.
Good luck, hope she's OK.

November 21st, 2003, 08:28 PM
yes feline leukemia could be the this cat vaccinated..the vet would never recomend not to do that...and if there is a kitten still in there it will need to come out by c-section...a friend of mine had a cat who had three normal sized kittens and one huge one was still in the mommy cat..the kitten was way too big to be born and the kitten ended up dying but the mom lived...that cat needs to see a vet imediatly...she needs lots of tests done..