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Annual cost of a dog

November 18th, 2003, 12:29 AM
Just wondering what everybody pays annually for all dog-related expenses (food, shots, grooming, teeth cleaning, etc)

November 18th, 2003, 05:49 AM
Hmmm. I don't feed regular dog food; it costs me $60-$100 a month to feed three Rottweilers. I do not however have to pay for teeth cleaning and my dogs never get allergies or some of the more common little afflictions many dogs get. If you feed kibble, one of the better ones (Pets Supplies Plus has it) Canidae will cost you about $30.00 for a 40lb bag. This is one of the few readily available kibbles I would recommend. Feeding a good diet will help prevent many common little health issues like chronic yeast infection, allergies, skin problems, etc.

In Michigan, heartworms are a real issue. One of my dogs was HW+ when I got him, it is extremely expensive to cure. Annual test about $30; pills for a 0-50lb dog will be about $6.00 each. (a once a month pill, do NOT get the Proheart 6 month shot.)

I only give vaccinations every three years after the puppy shots. This is per protocols set out by Colorado State, Texas A&M, and many reputable vets. Vaccinations are about $70.00. I do get a basic blood panel drawn to monitor my dogs' general condition at the same time as the HW test. My vet charges $35.00 for this and I get a copy of the results.

NB: My vet is very good and very reasonable. I adore him & his staff, actually. There is huge variablity in what vets charge, and in quality of care. Ask around for recommendations; if you talk to Nancy ask who she recommends.

Spay/neuter - between $100-200, typically.
8 week obedience classes typically $80-100 per set.
Flea control - my dogs have never had a problem with fleas. :) There are some good vet-prescribed preventatives, should not be too costly.
Professional grooming - not necessary for a short haired dog, you can do it yourself. Maintenance ear cleaning is a good idea (vinegar & tepid water is excellent.) A pair of nail clippers is less than $10.00 & you can do that too. Especially easy for dogs with light coloured toenails. :) Because you can see the quick.

Crate - less than $100.00. Toys - you can spend a lot, or you can just buy a couple of excellent chew toys (a Kong, big sturdy nylabone) and use plastic pop bottles, raw marrow bones, heavy rope, knotted Tshirts, non-steel belted tires, garden hoses...:)
Collar & leash, under $30.00. Get a decent leash though, the cheap nylon ones will cut into your hands. A 20-30' cotton long lead is under $20 too. I don't like Flexi leashes personally.
Doggie shampoo - I rarely bathe my dogs; maybe 1-2x a year. I use oatmeal dog shampoo.
Bed - under $50, or use an old quilt or similar, if you want one.
Go to a pet store & just browse! You can spend a lot on supplies, toys, etc. Or you can be quite thrifty.

A good book is an excellent idea. I bet there's a Pitbulls for Dummies - the Rottweilers for Dummies is wonderful.
My favourite online dog bookseller:
(ahem, they published & carry my book. :) It's on their front page.)

Check eBay for things like crates & various supplies. There are people who sell brand new stuff for less than you'll find elsewhere. I got some Midwest crates for way cheap, brand new.

It's good to have some resources for emergencies - you never know when a dog will swallow something inappropriate, tear a ligament, etc. Rarely happens especially if you're conscientous, but there's always the chance. Luckily you have MSU vet school in Lansing, they're very good. And of course getting a healthy dog (or a puppy from someone who breeds with care) will allay many serious health issues. I don't know about pitbulls; Rottweilers can have some really serious conditions like dysplasia, congenital heart problems, etc. VERY expensive to deal with. Or the dog dies. Many of these are weeded out by careful breeding.

I'm sure someone else will be able to add stuff; that's all I can think of for now.

Bottom line, there are expenses but it doesn't have to be very costly at all. And a good dog is worth it anyhow. :)

Lucky Rescue
November 18th, 2003, 11:12 AM
So many people balk at the adoption fee or price of a dog.(or cat) They must realize that this fee is a just a token, compared to the REAL cost of owning a pet.

This was put together by a Dr. Laurie Green, a veterinarian, and I think it's a good representation of the true cost of a dog, including miscellaneous things that can go wrong and cost money:

__________________________________________________ __
Here's a sample cost estimate for the first year for a medium-sized female puppy with medium to long hair:

Cost of dog: $125 to $2000+
Series of 3 puppy distemper-parvo vaccines, with health check $85-200
2 fecal checks to test for internal parasites $38
Treatment for internal parasites $18

Treatment for upper respiratory infection $65

Treatment for diarrhea $65-175

Rabies vaccine $20

Spay $125-300

License $20

Puppy and adult obedience training $150
Kennel $100

Collars and leashes $35

Toys, bed and other accessories $120

Surgery to remove swallowed toy that is lodged in intestine $800

Food $400

Grooming for long-haired dog, $35 per time, 6 times per year $210

Boarding, if needed, @ $12/day for 7 days $84

Dog walker to take your pup out in the middle of the day, $6/day, 5 days a week, for 20 weeks $600

Misc products/services $100
GRAND TOTAL = $2,686-5,000+

Of course, all costs aren't associated with money...

Time per day to properly socialize, exercise & train a young dog: 2 hrs per day

If you think that you won't necessarily need all of the above, you're right. Costs vary, but be prepared for most of it. Make sure you have the time, the money, and the space for the pet of your choice.

Owning a dog is a big commitment (up to 15-20 years) and they are utterly dependent on you during this time. Making sure that you are prepared for this commitment will help ensure the health and happiness and of you and your pet.


November 18th, 2003, 02:57 PM
I have 3 dogs. I pay $250.00-$300.00 for vet (this is yearly) this includes shots and boosters. I pay $15.00 for a 50lb bag of Pedigree. I buy dog food every 2 or 3 weeks. Thank God I haven't had any emergencies yet. Having a pet is just the same as having a child.

They both need your time, attention, devotion. They count on you to take them to the doctor/vet when they are sick. They both like to play.

I'm not an expert and I'm new to this site. So the only thing I can say re: cost of dog is if you really love the dog and want to keep it/get one, you will pay any cost for it. If you don't have the time or patience then I would suggest you not get a dog. This is only my opinon.

I also have 3 small children. It gets very expensive at times. I love my children and my dogs, so I'll pay anything to make sure they are healthy.

November 20th, 2003, 10:05 AM
We have 3 greyhounds. It costs us around $150 a year.
We go to Cosco and get the food there. A 40lb bag of
food $12.00, we usually buy 2 bags. The food lasts over 1 month.
Our prices are pretty good here.

We have had emergencies arise over the years with our dogs which cost about $150 over these visits.

We have cats too. And we get 30lb bag at Cosco for $9.00.
They cost around $250 a year, for the yearly checkup. We have 8 cats and our vet gives us a discount when we bring them all in at the same time.(We have 4 kittens and Mystic we are taking care of now too)

We don't have kids, so we don't have that burden. Our house is paid off, so we don't have a mortgage. No car payments either.

We both work a regular job and we also have our own business.

I guess we are pretty lucky.

We are moving to Montana in a few years when we retire. I want to retire around 40 yrs old. That will give me 20 yrs in my present job and my wife 16 yrs. We want a nice bigger home with at least 20 acres in MT.

Anyone here from Montana. We are looking in the Libby, Butte, Missoulia area.

We love our animals and we agree with you, we would pay anything to keep them alive and healthy.