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Escape to Canada - 2005

February 26th, 2006, 08:19 AM
This is a documentary style* film that portrays the liberal attitudes in Canada in regard to same sex marriage and the legalization/liberalization/decriminilization of marijuana.

The film also highlights the differences between the U.S.and Canada in regard to these issues as well as the current issue of the war in Iraq.

I REALLY enjoyed this film. It highlights what a cool (live and let live) country Canada is and actually made me feel patriotic. I give it a 9/10.

*The reason I write documentary style and not documentary is that in a 'true' or classic documentary the film-maker would not let personal feelings be known.

February 28th, 2006, 10:44 PM
Interesting thanx.

Is it making the rounds in the artsy theatres?

February 28th, 2006, 11:15 PM
I believe it's only playing at Cinema Du Parc, but it's on now....


March 1st, 2006, 04:02 AM
Thx Marko - I will look that film up!! I always liked the part in Michael Moore's "Columbine" movie where he interviews the ppl coming from hospitals asking them how much it cost and interviewing Windsor re the murder rate (tho he might get a different view in TO currently) and when he kncoks on doors in TO and ppl have their doors unlocked. I wondered what the fuss was all about till it occured to me (re the soor thing) that I NEVER lock my door when home and growing up, my grandmother's home was never locked - maybe f they went on vacation somewhere but I cannot recall that door locked. And others in that small community were similar - it is a little different now tho but still, the biggest thing that has occured there is an airline crash - a US airline crashed about five lots away from my grandma's home and ironically, most of the passengers - who all died - came from a commuity in Mass (USA) where my sister lived. Bizarre or what!! But that was very truamtatic for that village.

Anyway - I will look forward to the film. Just recently in La, I trued explaining the NDP to people there and they could not imagine we had a socialist party let alone one that had formed govt in several provinces. I have been reading a bio of Tommy Douglas and he was nopt too impressed by US socialists ()who tended to be too theoretical) - it seems the ppl who get things done in the US are what they call "liberals" (like Woody Guthrie, alternet, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter and so on) tho in my books, that might be liberal but it does border on social democracy.

It is always interesting to compare our 2 countries. Anyone ever read the work of Gad Horowitz about why he thinks we endup with a socialist party - he attributes it to our labour movemebt, the US tends to have "business unions".

Anyway - I am anxious to see this movie.

March 14th, 2006, 04:05 AM
Yes - this movies should be very fine i think.

I love Canada, i was on holiday in 2000 there. :troll: