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February 26th, 2006, 06:41 AM
Yesterday was the cat and kitten adoption day for Steri-Animal, it was a great success! It was strange, the kittens didn't get adopted it was the older adult cats.

There was the cutest two kittens, if I could have I would have taken them home right away!

Nicki-a female soft gray long haired cat. She is a little fuzz ball, she was the most cuddley kitten I have ever seen. She just likes to crawl up on your shoulder, stay there for hours and sleep.

Buster- Tabby kitten about six months old, exteremly shy! The whole entire time he had his head burried in my arms to shy to look at people. When he was in his cage, he had his back turned away from the crowd and he had his head burried. He loves to be held, but he needs some confidence.

Blue-White cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye. Reminded me of Chico's cat.

If anyone wants to adopt any these cats, please contact Steri-Animal (There picture isn't up on their petfinder site yet)